Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We Have "Chocolate Eyes"

Christopher Elbow is DEFinitely the best place to get chocolate in KC, and lucky for you, he not only has a store in San Fran, but his deliciousness can also be ordered online!

On First Fridays, chocolates are only 1 dollar a piece, and last weekend, Kristyn and I had our share.

Can you tell we were super-excited right when we walked in the door????


the Fairy Bootfather said...

I go to Halls EVERY WEEK and buy the Christopher Elbow chocolates. I LOVE THEM!!!!!! I've unfortunately never been to his boutique though...... maybe some day!

Jessie said...

Yummmm... you should definitely go because the moment you walk in, the smell of every kind of chocolate just about hits you in the facE!!!!

krista said...

that is the cutest picture. seriously. and i just read an article about this chocolate.