Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Kind of Race

Check out the lady on the left who totally ate it. Ouchie.

A stiletto race!!!

This is Elin Bjerre, who stumbled over the finish line to win the 100-meter final in the Stiletto Run in Stockholm on Saturday. She won 10,000 Euros worth of shopping, and I am totally jealous of her mad skills (and her spree)!

Uh, and her shoes are pretty cute, too.

(Thanks for sending this my way, Monsieur Jones!!!)


ZDub said...

That is awesome. I would have lost big time, I can't walk in high heels at all.

alissa said...

omg i would kick ass in this race. although i think its an added hurdle that they made them run on a cobblestone street. i would only be able to kick ass on a flat surface :)
lets arrange one in kc.

dee said...

That is hysterical!!

Jessie said...

Z - Thought you might get a kick out of this. :)

Alissa - We should TOTALLY organize one here... I can see it now! "Grace's Birdacge and The Concrete Catwalk host KC's First Stiletto Races!"