Friday, June 12, 2009

A Fountain of Cuteness

Kristin Fountain creates some of the most affordable and adorable jewelry that I've seen in a while. That's a pretty sweet combination if you ask me.... affordadorable!

Check out some of my favorite pieces:

black bow necklace - $15

twig necklace - $24

fringe charm necklace - $25

kelly green and vintage pearl cocktail ring - $16

love necklace - sold, but she says on her site that she can do custom orders
and I think this is beYOND adorable!

vintage ladybug ring - $11

So many cute options... and her Etsy store is overflowing with more, so go take a peek and have a wonderful weekend, my darlings!


alissa said...

a) i would like that bow necklace to be in my jewelry box asap!

b) im a fellow kc blogger :)
im a friend of meaghan b's - she always talks about her other blogging friend - she finally sent me your way!
i love your taste!

Anonymous said...

hehe nice title, "a fountain of cuteness" -a play on words. ohhh jessie, always so clever.


Ashley said...

Oooh! I love that twig necklace! Thanks for the tip!

Jessie said...

Alissa, so glad you stopped by! Your blog is fab!

HH, thank you for recognizing my cleverness, as it is over overshadowed by my goofiness. :)

Ash, you go it! I can totally see you rocking that twig!!!