Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Essentials

This summer is already off to a great start! Each weekend has been better than the last, but here are some of the highlights so far: walks to the ice cream shop, happy hours at patios with friends, a fashion show, art openings, playing at the park with the pup, dinners on the balcony, a growing veggie garden, snowcones, afternoons at the pool, scooter rides, a new blog project, and new handmade sundresses!

We've already done so much, but here are some things that my summer would not be complete without...

Watching the sun dip down into the Pacific Ocean

Dinner picnics at dusk

A traditional BBQ with all the fixins

Playing in San Diego surf and sand

What fun summer things could YOU not live without??


Kristyn said...


Jennifer said...

Add beach and bbq to that list. Also? Running outside. I'm so glad the weather is finally good again!

Jessie said...

:) Thanks, Krissy.

J - Running outside after a long winter is glorious! I agree!!!