Thursday, June 4, 2009

Flat Finds

Today, we continue on in our quest to find Kim some summer shoesies! Are you ready for some fabulous flats?

The following kicks could be for a variety of occasions; work, an all-day shopping excursion, or a trip to the park!

Pandora from Unisa - $69.00

Wesken from Bandolino - $69.00

Misty from Nine West - $59.00

Low-top Chuck Taylor from Converse - $45

Cutes and Ladders Flats from ModCloth - $29.99

Which of these pairs would you pick if you could only have one for the whole summer? (It's a toughie.  I KNOW!)  Are you a Chuck Taylor kind of gal or would you pick something a little dressier for your go-to summer kicks?


Zakary said...

I love both!

I need a new pair of Chucks...

Kristyn said...

i pick misty, nice and colorful.

(but if i was going for sneakers, deep down in my heart i want some old school nikes. i would probably look like a 7th grader in them but whatev...)