Monday, June 29, 2009

Loving the L's

Need an easy summer project? This one won't take more than an hour or two and will also help me reach my goal of becoming more organized!

We can always use a little extra bookshelf space around here. Problem is, there is not much room for any more pieces of furniture!

Enter L-brackets for shelving! Here we go now, problem solved. :)

Images from May-December
G might need to lend me a hand with this one, but I know just the spot for it!

See the how-to at May December... and thanks to Megan at BB8 for sharing.


Kristyn said...

very cool! i should find a spot for this too! i'm trying to guess where your "spot" is. shrug.

Ashley said...

so so cool. i am absolutely doing this this weekend! k and i have so many books but no bookshelf, so this is perfect!!