Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's Wedge Wednesday

Ok. Not ALL of today's shoes are wedges, but they all have a pretty chunky heel, and Kim and I both LURVE us a chunky heel. Similar to the wedge, they give a more angular look, but still provide a fairly steady stance.

London from Pink Studio - $64.99

Lawrence from Nine West - $59.99

Champion Chip from Kenneth Cole Reaction - $69.99

Cypress Platform from Seychelles - $59.99
Cocoa Beach Wedges from ModCloth - $99.99

Carriage Ride Wedges from ModCloth - $64.99

How about a weigh in on the wedges! I love them all!


nicole said...

love love love them all! i love wedges...not to be confused with wedgies....but back to wedges, i love them b/c you get the height and sexiness of a heel with a much easier walk!

Regardez Moi said...

i love them all! especially the last 2 - they are my favs. LOVE.

Unknown said...

I always love my wedges, comfort and I need the height LOL :) I was actually thinking of getting those from Nine West last night, cute.

Thank you so much Jessie for using my Pinng invite too. I will have a bunch on updated ones soon as well for the future :)


Kate Coveny Hood said...

Glad to hear the chunky heel is back. I have fond memories of clomping around the late '90s in them.

New giveaway for you! This one on my new Wishing True blog: (custom clutch from Bee Gee bags.

Jessie said...

Comfort + Cuteness + Extra height = PERFECTION

Ashley said...

Love the ones from Pink Studio. I am definitely a fan of the wedge!

mary said...

OK, I realize I'm a little late to the party here, but I LOVE those Carriage Ride Wedges. (And, wedges in general...comfy and cute!!)