Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Dream Wall

All of these

Framed Vintage Pieces at All the Luck in the World

Above this

Petrie Sofa

In front of this

A grey brick wall (what a novel idea)

All on top of this

Jute Rug

Yup, that's my summer dream wall. :)


Jackie said...

Gorgeous! I will take it all too please! Esp. loving the brick wall painted dark gray. Very nice.

Ashley said...

Love love love it! The grey wall is so wonderful, and those vintage prints!

the Fairy Bootfather said...

I'm loving that couch! Everything about the summer dream wall is pitch perfect however.

Btw, oh girl, you haven't shopped till you've shopped in NYC. I thought i had died and gone to heaven when i went. You and G totally have to go!

Heather said...

I love those wall hangings! Also, I want that couch.

Lauren said...

Loving the crafty cross stitching!

Jessie said...

Isn't the grey wall delish? Wishing we could exposed the plastered-over brick wall in our family room and paint it. :) (Don't tell G!)