Friday, April 4, 2008

Treasure Hunting: Vintage Bar Cart

One of my favorite things to do is "treasure hunting" (as you probably already know), and when I can't make it to thrift stores or garage sales, Craigslist is the next best thing!!

Sometimes, it can be kind of a gamble... depending on what you are buying and whether or not there is a picture, but G and I have purchased several really great upcycled pieces that we have found posted there.

Take a peek at our latest find!

Golden Oak Vintage Bar Cart - $20 on Craigslist

I tucked this vintage bar cart into one of the corners of our dining room and grabbed a few things from around the house to try and see how it would look here. I'm not sure if this will be it's permanent spot or what it will eventually end up holding. (Looks like Zoe thinks it should be a cat cart.)

The lamp also happens to be upcycled and I found it at the City Union Mission Thrift Store (my fave). The lampshade was a bargain from Target and I luuuurve it! The little wooden bowl is full of vintage/antique keys that are waiting to be used in an upcoming project (they are from Good Ju Ju in KC), and the bronze cats are actually on sale at my Etsy store, Lucky Stone Vintage.

I think the finishing touch in this corner would be some art on the wall. I'm on a hunt, and I would love suggestions! Piece(s) should be versatile and unique, and should also be able to complement the red chandelier without looking too Matchy Matcherson. I'm also not at the point where I feel like I can spend large amounts of money on art right now, so the more cost-efficient, the better. Etsy and 20x200 are the main two sources I know about where you can find affordable art (besides shopping locally) - so if you know of any other good websites... let me know!
I can't wait to hear your ideas! You've got yourself a mission, people! Now get lookin'!

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Regardez Moi said...

I came to your blog after you posted on mine and saw that Target lampshade - I was at Target yesterday and had that exact shade in my hands. I almost bought it. I love it! Maybe I'll go back....