Monday, April 21, 2008

Brand New Brain Candy

One of my all-time faves... Swedish Fish!

In case you haven't noticed... I have added THREE new blogs to my Brain Candy Blogroll.

The Sartorialist - A photo journalistic documentation of fashion on the streets of Paris, Milan, NYC, and more. These pictures are unique, inspiring, and I compulsively check for new ones every day! Named one of the Top 25 Blogs on and selected as one of Time Magazine's Top 100 Design Influencers.

Josie Dress from J. Crew (I bought it in white last weekend... they're on sale people!)

The Most Awesomest Stuff Ever - A well-written (and snarky, my favorite!) guide to the world of consumerism. Jennifer's got a major shopping addiction, and great taste. She posts about everything from top fashion designers, the newest trend in beach towels, and recycled flower planters. She loves Target, J. Crew, and John Krasinski... a girl after my own heart!

On top of all that, she recently started a new segment called "Ask Jennifer," where readers write in with fashion woes, and she posts with help! I only found her blog last Tuesday, and I have already written her en email querying about the new shoes I need for our trip to France this summer (I have also already read all her posts of 2008). She so graciously featured my question in one of her recent posts - make sure you go check it out!!

Ms. Spinach Herself

Fashion is Spinach - A. Maze. Ing. Vintage, chic, fun... I could go on and ON! It is SO refreshing to read a blog by someone who loves fashion as much as I do (but probably more), and has a real passion for anything vintage/thrifted. This is another blog that I came across just last week, and I have already gotten so many ideas, and am totally inspired to do a SERIOUS thrifting run this weekend. We've got some good thrift stores here in KC, and I can't wait to update my Spring wardobe with some pieces in honor of one of my new favorite blogs - Fashion is Spinach!

Just writing about these great (new to me) blogs makes me want to go and read ALL the archives. Seriously, I can barely stop myself!

Also, get excited because I am working on a special post for later this week to give you a peek at what's been keeping me occupied at work!


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Jennifer said...

*blushing* *stuffing hands in pockets* *kicking stones* Thanks!