Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Inspired By...

Today, I am feeling extra inspired.

I think it's a combination of things... the great discussion I had with G last week about my budding business plans, the super-fun project I am working on at my job, some AMAZING new blogs I have stumbled across, and the prospect of shopping for fun Spring clothes and accessories!

Two weekends ago, I was able to nab two great dresses (majorly on sale + employee discounted = total steal) at J. Crew, and so I have recently been on the lookout for some stunning accessories to go with them.
Josie Dress from J. Crew

Shift Embossed Beach Dress from J. Crew (I got it in Espresso)

Both solid colors, and little to no detailing means that I can have a little fun with the accent pieces... so great when this happens! One of the things that I am the most excited about is that I can wear both of these dresses to work.

While searching for some local KC sellers on Etsy a few weeks ago, I came across one of my new FAVE jewelry designers... Lush Bella. The best part is that she is right in town (I love to shop local)!!! I think a few of her pieces would be the perfect vintage additions to both of these dresses and I can't wait to pick a few. Here are some of my faves:

I think these two pieces would look fabulous with the white shift dress...

Corrugated Brass Cuff - $45

Vintage Brass Pendant - $75

And the next two? Perfect for the espresso beach dress...

Red Lace Earrings - $98

Petals Layered Necklaces - $28 each

Now, these pretty little dresses of mine are just going to have to wait for some style supplements, because today... I am spending my hard earned money on a much more exciting kind of bling.

(Not my mouth.)

That's right... I'm getting cavities filled. I can only hope that my dentist is feeling inspired today, too.


Robin said...

Oh no! How can you post such lovely things, then include that nasty mouth shot? I think I am going to have nightmares about it. But - gorgeous dresses & jewelry, too. You have such great taste!

karey m. said...

ugh. that mouth. other than that, perfection.

had a chance to scroll through the whole blog. you're nice.

Jennifer said...

Seriously, the mouth!

I just nabbed that short sleeve dress in that fantastic blue and I'm all about the big bracelet and/or long necklace.

Regardez Moi said...

wow. that mouth left me feeling...nauseous? hahah. great. I loved it. and i loved the dresses and especially the accessories. better get those cavities filled, they would not look so pretty with the mouth.

Anonymous said...

what everyone doesn't know is that is actually her mouth.


Jessie said...

VE-REH Funnay...

beachbungalow8 said...

wtf. and that poor person looks young. 'no more skittles for you young man!'

lush bella is mad talented. you should check out her still life photography.