Thursday, April 24, 2008

La Mesa de Cafe

We have been coffee-table-less for a month or two now, because our last one left weird spots on our pretty little rug. Now it's standing in the corner of the dining room, like a little dunce, until further notice.

We have a cheap stand in right now (that I hate), and a few weeks ago, I found the one I really want here.... only to find out that it is backordered until JULY and I CANNOT wait that long.

Then, I was browsing through the furniture at Urban Outfitters and I came across THIS little number, which looks exACTLY the same.

Right now we're saving our pennies (my two fillings from yesterday set us back a few), but as soon as we get enough... the purchase will be made and I can't wait!

I think it will complement the rest of the room beautifully, and as soon as I get our new curtains made with the Alexander Henry fabric that just arrived from J. Caroline Creative, I will definitely be posting pictures.

Looks better in person... white is actually more of a cream.

Another "Our Humble Abode" segment... Comin' right up!


/// said...

that sounds like a fantastic plan, jessie!!!

Sneaky Chic said...

LOVE that fabric! It will look great!