Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Planting Pansy

I'm a planting pansy.

I've been bitten by the gardening bug!

Now that spring has officially sprung here in KC, there are beautiful flowers EVERYwhere... the tulips and daffodils are practically growing like weeds all over peoples yards, and even the cracks in the sidewalks have wild violets and yellow dandelions growing out from beneath the concrete. Almost all of the trees have flowered (this west-coast girl discovered that apparently that's how they grow leaves out here in the Midwest), and walking around the neighborhood is a constant flood of fragrant blooms and fresh aromas.

I can't help but want to take part in the most glorious changing of seasons I have ever experienced... but I have one problem.

I think I have a black thumb.

Growing up, I always liked to help my mom plant in her flower beds, and by spending that time with her, I have learned the names of dozens of flowers and plants. While I can appear to be a expert by naming nearly all of the blooms I see, when it comes to planting and caring for them, I turn into a big fat lame-o, plant-killing, flower-loser.

Despite my inability to keep plants alive, I have been inspired to start small (good thing I wasn't inspired to start big, because our balcony is only about 10' x 5'ish) and so G and I headed to Home Depot after work last night to get some hanging plants and a few potters.

One of the types of flowers that Mama said to go with was pansies because they are "durable and hard to kill" (thanks mom, but you might be surprised). She's probably right, so that's exactly what we did (which is quite an appropriate choice for me after reading the following on pansy - (n.) defined as someone who is pathetic and very weak - ya, that's me in the gardening world).

I plan on taking some pictures this week to document the fact that I once had beautiful flowers growing on my balcony (past tense because I have no idea how long they are going to last), and I will be sure to post them ASAP. If anyone has any other ideas for flowers or herbs that are tough-to-kill (BESIDES cacti), please feel free to share them in the comments below.

Also, if you are looking for your OWN gardening inspiration... check out this website that has great videos, how-tos, and a really cool idea for creating a space that is beautiful and sustainable out of a harsh urban area.

Happy Planting!


Robin said...

Also impossoible to kill - and super useful (for cooking) and fragrant - mint. Just plant it in its own pot because it will Take Over. Good luck & I can't wait to see photos!

Jessie said...

Thanks, Robin! Bring on the MINT!

(If you lived in KC, I'd invite you over for a big glass of iced tea with lemon and MINT!)