Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cubicle Cute

Due to the extreme disappointment I encountered after watching the brand spanking new episode of The Office on Thursday night, I could not bring myself to write a recap post about it on Friday. I probably wrote 3 or 4 drafts, but everything kept coming out sounding even more lame than the ep itself. It was good to see the old gang, but I really hope that this week's show will bring me more than just the pity laughter I had last week. I am attributing the lack of usual humor and wit to fact that the writer's were probably a little rusty from being on strike, but they should really have their stuff together after a "practice week." Honestly guys, I know you can do better, and I expect to see you bring your best game on Thursday.

In lieu of a recap, and in honor of working in such a dull, cubicle-y office space, I have decided to post a product round-up entitled Jessie's Guide to Making the Cubicle Cute. Some are more whimsical than others, but they would all make my "box" a little less square.

Let's begin with the "wall" above my computer screen (a half-wall that separates me from the industrial copier/scanner/printer). It has a large spot on it where the paint has peeled away from the cardboard drywall (lovely, eh?), and I think that a pretty little wall calendar, like this one from Etsy seller ValeryDesignWrks, would cover it nicely.

This darling Bird Magnetic Clutter Board would be great for keeping photos, newspaper clippings, and To Do Lists off of my desk and within easy reach. To go with it, I'd have to have these quirky little custom-made magnets, of course (pictured below, from Etsy seller The Laughing Place).

They come in a push-pin version, too! That might mean I need this...

If I wanted to go the corkboard route, I could always get this bright, retro fabric-covered bulletin board from Etsy seller Simple Song Designs. Both of these magnet/bulletin boards are so cute, I would almost have to get them both!

With the arrival of spring time, comes my desires to start seeing things grow! This little Eggling, from Urban Outfitters, would be such a great way to bring a little greenery to the desk top. According to the directions, you simply crack the top of the egg open, water it, and watch it grow! Added bonus: you can choose between petunia, chrysanthemum, and basil.

I'd like to jazz up my meeting notes and supply lists with an array of colors! I got hooked on Le Pens at my current job, but our office only supplies the black ones. This little set of eight pens comes in three different color combos (I'd pick "bright"), and they would brighten up the look of ANY pencil cup.

I prefer ink, but if you're more a of a Pencil Gal, you might like these Gummy Bear Erasers. Added surprise... they are pencil sharpeners, too! Just looking at them makes me want some actual gummy bears, real bad. Maybe not such a good idea for me to have them at my desk.... heh...

I'll admit that I can be somewhat fanatical about the compartmentalization of my purses contents (you'd think that trait would translate into my closet, hm), and that is why I am always thrilled to find small pouches that will hold things within my handbags. These Jane Marvel zip cases are made of water resistant vinyl-coated twill, and have windows for labeling! Bring on the organization!

This last item is probably the one I covet most... finally a portable home for my MacBook and other work materials! From Acme Made, I present to you, the Slim Cargo Bag! I have been looking for something like this for a long time - ever since I started working in an office full time, I have needed something to safely carry my computer and my paperwork. This preppy, sweet bag would eliminate the current problem I have of trying to jam too many things right into my purse - EEK, I just checked and there's only one left!

Happy shopping, and I hope this guide inspires you to make your cubicle cute!

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Robin said...

Great guide! I think I need to use some of your suggestions. My only personal stuff at work is my mousepad with a photo of my dog when she was a puppy, 2 framed photos, and a pitiful looking teddy bear given to me by my department from my last job.