Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Let's Get High

It's a play on words, people... calm down.

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I'm all about the high waisted skirt. I own several, and they are one of my favorite things to wear. Highly versatile, they can be paired with a fitted T, a crisp white button-down, or a blousy sleeveless top (all tucked in, of course).

Image from LoveThis

I did not, however, get the memo about the high-waisted FULL LENGTH skirt coming back into style.

Someone walked into our office today in this. (Minus the hat, brooch, and jacket. Same shirt in blue, and exACT same shoes.)

All I can say is that I hope I was able to successfully hide the look on my face when I saw. I also hope to GOD that she never sees this.


Sara B said...

i just bought a high-waisted skirt a little bit ago (that's the skirt i was referring to when i was asking your advice on shoes) and i love it! i got it from forever, naturally, for about $19 and they have it in lots of colors and i want more. you should check it out at your new forever!! i wish i could see and get inspiration from your work clothes collection...maybe you can start cataloging it for me.

Regardez Moi said...

hahahah. That last one - hilarious. The outfit in the middle is TO DIE FOR. I'm drooling.