Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Office is back... Praise the Lord!

In honor of the long awaited return of The Office (this Thursday), I decided to add a new feature to my blog. In the sidebar to the right, you will see a widget that enables you to view hilarious little clips from the hit NBC show.

As a way to REALLY celebrate, G and I are throwing an Office Party at our place on Thursday night. I can't wait! Dessert, wine, and The Office... what a fabulous combination!!! Feel free to join us, as long as you can handle the "no-talking-until-the-commercial policy" (I'm not kidding, I'll kick you out) - and don't forget to dress-up like your fave character. I haven't decided who I'm going to be yet... maybe Angela... or Jan? SO excited.

Anyway, enjoy the widget and check back here for a full recap on Friday!

1 comment:

Sara B said...

1. you could totally be Jan cuz you're hot like that.
2. GREAT JOB on stating the no-talking policy!
3. I wish I could be there with you : (

we'll have to re-hash the episode together later, love u.