Friday, May 9, 2008

New Segment: "Jessie's Piperlime Pick of the Week"

Okay my dear Readers (I just had to resist the urge to call you Lucky Stoners, hah! Doesn't quite sound right.), first and foremost I must thank those of you who wrote such encouraging comments on yesterday's post about the fashion show. I got to see them all via my blackberry as I was getting my hair and makeup done, and they really made me smile! I am sorry to say that I won't be posting any pictures or video here today because I'm still doing some editing, but I promise that you will get a full recap sometime next week.

For today's post, I'd like to introduce a new Lucky Stone segment called "Jessie's Piperlime Pick of the Week."

Why, you ask? Easy. has fabulously chic shoes (you know I loooove me some shoes), a huge selection of styles, FREE shipping (whoooaaa, Nelly), FREE returns (are you kidding me?), a rockin' PR department (shout out to my Shoe Guardian Angel - WOOT WOOT!), great sale prices, and in my experience, have been the world's perfect example of what retail customer service should look like.

Since I like to shop (a LOT - like, I'd probably be living in a tiny cardboard box with a really BIG cardboard box to hold all my shoes and clothes if I didn't have a husband and animal-babies to support), and due to the fact I would go bankrupt in approximately two days if I bought every thing my little heart desired, I am going to present YOU with some pretty little picks on Piperlime so that YOU can buy them and I can live vicariously through you... get it?!?

Starting today...

Kenneth Cole Reaction "Lucky Duck" - $56.99 SALE!

You'd be a lucky lady to snatch up this pair of dark brown leather t-straps!

(Note: T-straps = My FAVE!)

A great choice for work or night, these puppies would transition nicely from the office to happy hour. I'm envisioning them with a navy, high waisted pencil skirt and a blousey white top. Finish the look with a dark brown belt, and some layered gold accessories and you've got yourself a saucy little ensemble!


Jennifer said...

A weekly segment? About shoes? Sign me right up for that!

And by the way, I wish I were KC side right about now because I would totally be following David Cook around like a sick puppy dog. So wrong, but so so right.

etoilee8 said...

I love a girl that can appreciate the power of the t-strap.

Regardez Moi said...

Jessie - I love this idea!!! And I, too, am addicted to Piperlime. You've just given me an idea... hmm.. no, I promise I won't steal your idea :).

Also, would you mind if I added you to my blog roll?

Ashley said...

LOVE those shoes. I'm so excited about the weekly segment and about the website! Thanks for the new resource!

Jessie said...

Jennifer - I totally thought of you when I heard they were having that concert for him here... it was literally a block away from my office downtown.

Etoilee8 - T-straps are HOT.

Jozette - Can't wait to hear/read your idea!!! & I'd love to be blogrolled! (?)

H.I.S. - Welcome!

Robin said...

Oh, I totally look forward to these weekly finds. I agree, Piperlime rocks, plus you have awesome taste, equals Yay! for the pick of the week!