Thursday, May 1, 2008

Have a great weekend!

I am taking a very VERY important blogging hiatus this weekend (starting this afternoon) because my best friend from college, Sara, is coming to visit me in KC! HOORAY!

Sara is flying out from Portland and will be landing here in a few short hours! G is going to pick her up from el aeropuerto, and then they are going to come and get me from work. We have so many FUN things planned for the weekend and I can't believe she is going to be here for a whole 5 days/4 nights... we haven't seen each other since G and I left San Diego in August!

I think I'll leave you with a few beautiful-and-perfect-for-springtime fashions to tide you over until I'm back to blogging next week (probably with lots of pictures and hopefully stories from the weekend).

Michael Kors - photo courtesy of

This dress is just the right amount of vintage and modern. I love the belted high-waist and the fabric? Ohhhhhhh, the fabric! (I am SUCH a sucker for patterns, especially florals.) I've really been loving purples and lavenders lately... never used to be very fond of them, but here the colors are total perfection. Oh, and you can't forget the shoes! I have been searching for the perfect pair of nude (patent leather, perhaps?) pumps. This pair is a tad too pointy for my taste, but they do a great job of completing the overall look.

Diane von Furstenburg - photo courtesy of

I would never think to put these two colors together if I saw them by themselves, but MAN do they WORK! Hot pink shirtdress? DARling. Dark red sleeveless-over-thingy with belt? HOT. Put them together?! A. Maze. Ing. I'dlikeoneinmysizenowplease.

I think these two images will be the perfect inspiration to take with us when we go treasure hunting this weekend!!!

Ok, must get back to work now. Have a fabulous weekend, everyone! We're going to be kicking things off with happy hour at my favorite tapas restaurant for some yummy food and sangria, so I will be sure to have a glass in honor of ALL OF YOU!! MWAH!

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