Thursday, May 15, 2008


I confess - I don't browse around on Etsy nearly as much as I should. And yesterday? Yesterday, I learned my lesson.

I happened to hop on over there like I occasionally do when I am trying to hide from the boredom that hunts me down while I am at work (yesterday was exceptionally horrible), and I am SO glad that I did.

I came across the beautifully stunning work of MichelleBrusegaard, and since then I have been back to her Etsy shop SEVeral times, just trying as hard as I might to decided which piece of hers I want to buy first.

Here are some of my favorites:

Much of Michelle's work appears to be inspired by fashion (woman after my own heart), and this particular piece is a painting of one of her old Barbie dresses... LOVE! I adore the colors here and the use of obvious brush strokes. It makes it look almost imaginary, like fuzzy memories of childhood that you almost-but-never-can-quite see.

These calling cards are perfectly unconventional - professional and fresh, but just different enough so that people will really remember you. I am definitely going to order these for when I finally turn over a new leaf with my career (hahaha).

Yellow and grey are currently my FAAAAAVorite color combination. In fact, I was just thinking the other day about how well they compliment each other in outfits, upholstery fabrics, food packaging, accessories, and even dish towels. Especially dish towels.

And last, but fabulously not least - Michelle's photography is absolutely striking. This print is easily my favorite out of her vintage Barbie clothes collection. What a brilliant idea! I love the look of pretty laundry hanging out to dry and it is totally captured in these pictures. Delicate and simple. I can just see this hanging on the wall in our closet so that I could look at it everyday while I'm getting dressed.

Michelle's store is FULL of many more wonderful things, and I am SO excited to place my order soon... go check it out!!!


Robin said...

I could spend a truly insane amount of time and money on Etsy. What a cool find. I totally want those calling cards, although I am already a tad obnoxious carrying around work-work cards and yoga teaching cards. But I promise not to go Stepford and buy those too-cute mommy cards!

karey m. said...

those barbie clothes on a line? how awesome would that stark b & w be in a growing up little girl's room? with crisp white furniture?

i've got an idea...

Jessie said...

Robin, mommies SHOULD have cards if you ask me! Or maybe a badge would be even better!

Totally awesome, Karey... if I would have had this in my room growing up, I just know that it would have become one of those pieces you keep in your life forever. Timeless, I think.

Can't wait for the idea, K!

franki durbin said...

wow, those are so pretty. beautiful. thanks for helping me spend my money ;)

Jessie said...

No problem-o, Franki. I do what I can. :D