Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blue Flip Art

Recently, I have been on a serious hunt for the perfect pieces of art to hang in our dining room, however...

Problem one: I don't really have a specific look in mind, which makes hunting muy dificil.

Problem two: I'm on a TIIIIIGHT budget for home improvements right now. We're talking just-pulled-favorite-already-too-small-skinny-black-jeans-out-the-
dryer-this-morning tight.

Fortunately, I have discovered something that just might be the answer to all my problems (although I doubt it can do much for the bracelet-sized-waistband that is currently cutting into my abdominal cavity and prohibiting me from breathing normally).

Blue Flip Art is a combination of a few things that I really rully love: independent artists, charitable giving, and of course, pretty things for a very reasonable price!

Here are a few (ok several) of the pieces that caught my eye.

Japanese Poster No. 1 by Valero Doval

Chroma Thieves by Jen Romo

Botanatomy 3 by Ian OPhelan

A Slice of Taipei by Eric C. Lu

Africa Tabula Nova by Richard Wilkinson

Each artist gets to choose which charity they would like 10% of their sales to go to, and their prices are AWESOME (many of the prints I looked at were $30 and under).

How's THAT for a little mid-week treat?!

(Dear Darling Readers - As I continue my quest for unique and affordable art, feel free to let me know if you have any other great sources or artists that you think might fit the bill! Muchas Gracias!)


Regardez Moi said...

I love all your pics!!

Robin said...

Yay for the fun new find!
I know you are already an Etsy buyer & seller, so you may have already seen this - but I think it would be So Fun in a dining area:
Her decals are great, I ordered the monkeys for Baby T's room!

Robin said...

Also Love this Etsy seller
Amazing prices for original work, esp since it is ready to hang - but may not be in the "skinny jeans" budget.

Jennifer said...

There are quite a few original artists on ebay actually.

But I purchased the BEST and the least expensive stuff from street vendors in Paris. You might want to bring a poster tube with you. Just sayin!

Jessie said...

Jozette - Thanks!

Robin - Thanks for the tips! I especially love the second link... very pretty pieces, maybe one day!!! Thinking about you and the babe right now and hope everything is going well!

Jennifer - Poster tube, BRILLIANT! I'm adding it to the list (yes there is a list already even though we don't leave until June 28th, infact I think I started it in January... HEEEEEE!) So glad you alerted me to the possibilities there. Can't wait to see what I might find!

Jennifer said...

I am not even kidding about that. Artists and vendors set up shop all along the banks of the river and there is treasure to be had for cheap!

Sarah said...

that first image is so great!