Friday, May 23, 2008

Jessie's Piperlime Pick of the Week III

I have been eyeing this pair of Charles David pumps for quite some time now, and I think it's high time that they were featured as the weekly pick!

"Moderne" by Charles David - $149.99

They just recently dropped in price from their original $250, and now they are at a much more manageable price for my "skinny jeans budget." (Although, I probably won't be making too many more purchases before our trips this summer.)

I love the way they fool you by looking like solid black, open-toed pumps from the front... and then, BAM! You cock your little hips to side, pushing the heel forward while keeping your toe in place, and take your shoe-admirer completely by surprise.


The color block trend seems to be everywhere these days, and while I wasn't sure if I would ever find myself workin' this particular look, I have definitely changed my mind.

Enjoy your three day weekend, my sweets!


I just happened to come across this very same pair (for only $137.47) at another great shoe spot, (thanks to this post, here). They also offer free shipping (OVERNIGHT shipping, that is) and free returns. If you are still inclined to order them from Piperlime, you should let them know about the difference, and they juuust miiiiiight price match it.

The customer service there is amazing. 'Nuff said.


Jennifer said...

Heh. You outdid yourself. Don't you love it when that happens?!

karey m. said...

man...i have to revisit piperlime. these are lovely!

my little apartment said...


okay, I'm responding to your comment on my blog because...we're like the same person or something.

1. piperlime? shoe addiction? um, yes please. love your picks of the week. now can we figure out a way to get a free pair of the week?

2. wedding planning: yes, i love it-- event planning is in my blood having grown up with a cater for a mother and grandmother. i'm currently doing it on the side right now and it is SO FUN. a bit stressful, but fun.

3. method pills- they're the best.

4. okay, we both just quit our jobs working in PR...freak friday! i'm quitting the music industry though, it's way scarier and more unstable than architecture...what are you going to do now that you've quit?

5. this is my addition to your list: cheap skinny black pants. H&M made a pair this spring that i LIVE in. they were $19 and ever time i go back to buy 10 more pairs, they are conveniently out of them. i love them so much, they are a bit high-waisted and made of not-denim, so they're not all stiff and bulky. anyway, when I find out the style number, I'll let you know. it'll change your life for reals.

okay, this was a long comment...glad to 'know' you!