Monday, May 12, 2008

"Either you're in..... or you're OUT!"

Had Miss Heidi Klum herself been present at the fashion show we were a part of on Thursday night, she SUREly would have been impressed.

The event was a total blast, and we ended up winning one of the 6 awards... Judge's Choice!!!

There were tons of people from our office there to support us, and even the other models and designing teams were very complimentary of our creation. One of the ladies who was in charge even offered to buy our dress... she wanted to wear it to a gala she is attending soon!!!

I'm hesitant to post the whole video here because it is pretty long, but here are some still shots to give you an idea of what went down.

Marilyn Monroe inspired cocktail dress made of carpet.

Go-go shift dress made of rubber base (think industrial plastic-y floorboards).

Avante Garde gown with asymmetrical collar and train, made of the paper backing from wall covering.

The winner of the Haute Couture category... made of carpet and carpet backing.

Two-layer mini dress made of upholstery fabric and leather circle cutouts.

Mother Nature made an appearance in a silver dress made of wall coverings.

Ruby red gown and icy bolero jacket made of tile, grout sticks, and tile backing!

Yours Truly in a Spanish inspired gown with a woven bodice and individually attached flounces.

Workin' it back up the runway... check out the train!

Accepting our award... so fun!

Me being goofy after my team yelled for me to strike a pose. :)

The whole thing was a total blast, and I am really glad that I got to be involved. I met several new friends and kicked off my modeling career with a bang! (Ha.)


Sneaky Chic said...

Wow! They were all great, but seriously, your dress was the BEST! Work it girl!

Jennifer said...


Regardez Moi said...

Wow! Your dress was really the best. I mean, they were all really great...but yours totally takes the cake!! How fun!!!!

Robin said...

You are such a rock it!