Friday, May 16, 2008

Jessie's Piperlime Pick of the Week

It's time, it's time for some Piperlime!

My Piperlime Pick for this week screams summer and is so versatile, it could probably be worn with almost any outfit in my wardrobe. Seriously. The mix of colors are to die for and I mean, c'mon... who doesn't love a great wedge sandal!?

I absolutely love the texture that the tweed on the heel adds to the overall look, and that camel brown is my favorite shade of leather. The pink and yellow give just the right pop of color, don't you think?! With the right shade of polish on your newly pedi'ed toes... you could get away anything in these shoes!

Too bad our Economic Stimulus Check is already spoken for, or these puppies would be on my feet faster than you can say
people-we-know." Yup, faster than that. Even faster than you can say "jessie's-taking-the-measley-six-hundred-dollars-and-spending-it-in-france-this-


Anyways, I love these shoes and I hope someone I know buys them so that I can either borrow them or drool and stare at your feet every time you wear them in my presence.

Have a great weekend everybody!


Ashley said...

LOVE them.

Regardez Moi said...


Jennifer said...

Another hot bitch right there!

Jessie said...

ADORBS! Perfect, Jozette. Nice abbreev.