Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Weekend in Pictures

The weekend began with us putting on our most Dorothy-worthy-shoes we could find (and drinking a pitcher of Sangria) to help us brave the incredible storm on Thursday night. We were SO excited to watch The Office together, but it had to wait until the next day because of all the severe weather alerts. There were windows rattling, 85 mph winds, tornado sirens blaring, dogs blowing away (not mine, thankfully)...

Of course, the next day was beautiful and sunny and we shopped all day! I got to show Sara some of my fave shops in KC - Good Ju Ju (great treasure hunting), Arizona Trading Company (kind of like Buffalo Exchange), and the best: Bon Bon Atelier!

By the time we headed home it was 3 or 4 and we hadn't eaten since breakfast! After a quick stop to PetSmart for little Remy's treats, we were seriously tempted to start scarfing them down (ok, to be fair, they are made of blueberries and some sort of sugary goodness, and they smell amazing!).

Fashion show for G!
(After living together for four years, we can FINALLY buy the same items and not have to worry about an embarrassing roomatey-match-match situation.)
Vests and shirts by Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten @ Steve and Barry's

Saturday was our All-Day Shopping Marathon 2, on the Country Club Plaza.

Sunday after church, we all walked to the park for some much needed S-U-N!

Mill Creek Park - a great place to run, read, relax and a nice path from our house to the Plaza.

Sun-bathing. (I promise I'm wearing a shirt.)

Frolicking around in the grass = happy dog and husband.

BBQ pork sandwiches, broccoli, caprese salad, and white wine.
A delicious Sunday night, outdoor, spring-time meal.

Ok, I couldn't resist this one... after seeing Baby Mama on Sunday night, we came home to play the emotion/situation game (we put the camera on self-timer and at the last second, someone calls out an emotion/situation to convey). This was my favorite picture... I yelled out, "Remy and Zoe fighting," and this is how it turned out. Ha. (Also, please excuse my dirty, gross foot.)

Thanks so much for coming to see me, Sar. It was the best gift ever and I already miss you MUCHO! I can't wait to come see you in Portland, and here's to many more years of laughing, loving, shopping, sipping, sighing, hugging, tugging, reading, texting, relaxing-to-the-maxxing, driving, dancing, all-around-prancing, and just generally being friendsies for life.


jeffrey greene said...

i am very happy that i stubbled across this treasure better known as your blog. i hear you're hanging with my friends...and i'm hanging with ptloma peeps. hope all is well...and you've checked out the new hermes...

jeffrey greene said...

it is quite funny that out of school...we still find people from other nazarene universities. a friend of ours has a best friend...who was cara bute's sister in-law's roommate at college. cara bute moved here from san diego for a nursing job and her old roommate cortney howard is from here. so we've hung out with them a few times. but i must say...i miss ric (chotchie) and joanna...send them back here soon. you and gerad might as well come back here with them for the 4th.

Anonymous said...

Awww yay!!! I love all the pics and I love you so much!! I had such a wonderful weekend with you and am so incredibly thankful for our very special friendship. I can't wait until we are reunited again, but until then I'm sure I will be calling, e-mailing, g-chatting, or texting soon. Love u Jess Jess!! <3 Sara

etoilee8 said...

I went to see Baby Mama with my best friend as well. It was cute.