Thursday, July 23, 2009


I cannot get over the amazing concept for this product... definitely one of those that makes you say, "I wish I'd have thought of that!"

"Scratch is a great young company helping busy Londoners cook real food. Their meal boxes contain all the fresh ingredients you need to cook a fantastic meal… from scratch.
At the heart of the brand is the product, and we wanted to elevate the honest, fresh ingredients along with the brand name. To achieve this we built the identity around a simple idea: everything the company produces -from meals to business cards – comes ‘from scratch’.
On products this creates a useful double meaning. The description of the meal to be cooked ‘…from scratch’ simultaneously delivers the logo and the idea that this is a product from the Scratch brand."

The identity and packaging was developed by the UK firm Brandy and I can only hope that it (or something similar) will one day be available in the US!


Arlynn said...

I love this idea - so right - I wish I would have thought of that!!!

Only if you could scratch & sniff what you're meal may be like... Humm, I may patent that one :-)

dee said...

SO smart, I love it!

Anonymous said...

the dieline is such a black hole when it comes to package design- my dream job!!

btw you won my giveaway so head over to my blog and then email me your info so I can ship it out right quick! (too bad this wasn't a little while ago, because then you could've taken the spray with you to protect against all this super sunny weather we're having in sd!) <3

ZDub said...

That's really genius.

Stephanie said...

what a great product! I love it!