Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lucky Stone on Ebay!

I've been organizing our flat like a mad woman and in an effort to clear some closet space, I'm auctioning off lots of great things this week...

J. Crew Linda Dress

J. Crew Suede Kitten Heels

Bright Pink Vintage Kicks

J. Crew Josie Dress

Gray Patent Leather Buckle Flats

Both dresses are in great condish, but I don't wear them nearly enough to justify keeping them. The shoes are all a size 9.5, which oddly, USED to be my shoe size before my feet started shrinking (can't be normal).

Happy bidding!!!


tiffany said...

Your feet are shrinking? You must be a freak. ;)

That Linda dress is super cute. Too bad it's much too small for my tatas...

Anonymous said...

just got your comment!


actually a few girls have brought in this pic the past week- so it must be a popular style! super cute, not too short and not to midlengthnostyle. and the bangs aren't abrupt and are long enough to pin them up or grow out if you change your mind! I like it :) but your hair always looks great anyway! have fun. <3

Jessie said...

I know, T, isn't that weird???

HH, I love it! Thanks!

etoilee8 said...

I don't think my feet will EVER shrink! But I too have been selling things on eBay. I need some space and if I can make back half of what I paid on my stuff, I'm super satisfied.