Monday, July 27, 2009

The Lauren Moffatt Sunhat Winner is....

Lucky Stone reader, Catherine!

I picked the winner by using a random number generator and hers was the entry that was chosen. Her comment said, "LOVE the hat and the dresses! my hat was gobbled up by the wind and the sea last week, so maybe this can be its replacement? fingers crossed!"

Glad that this beauty will replace your lost hat, and a big thank you to Lauren Moffatt for offering it as a giveaway!

So sorry that I didn't get around to posting this last week, but our vacation has been jam packed and full of fun... we are in the SD airport right now and getting ready to hop on our flight home! I will try my best to post some photos later this week or next.

Can't wait to get back to reading and catching up on all of my favorite blogs!

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