Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another Houseguest!

Precious little brother Joey is in town this weekend and I can't wait to celebrate the 4th with him and G and lots of friends!

Our weekend (which starts today at lunchtime, thankyouverymuch) will include:

- Cookout on our patio at work
- Breakfast at The Joneses
- First Fridays at the Crossroads (lots of great catwalk crawling!)
- Walk to the Plaza for 4th of July brunch
- Patriotic festivities including summer refreshments and fireworks
- Trip to the pool

Can't wait for some quality time and lots of laughs with my two favorite boys. :) Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend! Happy 4th of July! MWAH!


Regardez Moi said...

You two are adorable!

PS. My word verification is "puper". I'm so not going there...

Amanda said...

So fun! Have a blast and enjoy your holiday! We want to see photos!

Dad said...

How sweet that you are telling the world about your 4th of July reunion with your brother. Mom and I are thrilled that you will get to spend this time together. Of course, we are jealous! On the way to the airport this morning, mom said, "And G is so fun I could spend a week just with him." I guess that puts you and me in second position??
Have a blast and we love you so. xo Dad

Farah said...

awww...the note to self is so sweet! I think I might steal this idea of yours. also have an amazing weekend! ;)

benson said...

...big happenings at the Courthouse Square in Prescott :) Unfortunately the fireworks are not at the high school anymore- they are out near Embry Riddle at the city soccer fields. Hope you have a great 4th!

Ashley said...

How fun! You are too cute :) And your hair looks great! Did you lighten it? Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend. Also, I loooooove that your dad left a comment on this! You have such a great family.

ZDub said...

How fun!

Your brother looks like Anthony Michael Hall!

Jessie said...

Jz, "puper" is particularly appropriate for this post.

Amanda, thanks! I'll be sure to post more photos later this week.

Daddy! Hooray for concquering the comment section yet again! I'm proud of you for figuring it out without either of your "tech support" members there. :) We had a great time, and thanks for sending him to me.

Farah, you should totally try it! I've been thinking of other variations to do, be creative!

Benson, I'm sure you'll have a great time! I have lots of fond memories of the courthouse square. Art festivals with my mom and grandma are right up there at the top!

Ash, I haven't lightened my hair for a few months... the photos in this post are at least 3 or 4 years old. (I AM getting it lightened on Wednesday, though.)

Zak, he'll be thrilled that you didn't say Spencer Pratt!