Monday, July 20, 2009

Fresher than Fresh in the Wall Street Journal!

My usual Saturday afternoon indulgence was featured in the Wall Street Journal this past weekend!

How cute is SHE?!

Congratulations to Lindsay, from Fresher than Fresh, on all of the press she has been receiving! With such an amazing concept, and the perfect execution, I know we'll continue to see her name in print for a long time!

I'm already sad thinking about when summer comes to an end, and I'll have to wait until next May for the next icy-delicious-all-natural treat!!!

If you're in KC, be sure to get one while you still can! Lindsay's restored vintage camper sets up in the garden on 17th and Summit (on Saturdays) and her cones are $3 and up.


GiGi said...

so crazy! we had plans to get our snow cone fix on saturday..and decided it would be much more fun to go to the ER for 7 hours!
there's always this weekend! maybe we can meet?

alissa said...

ooo i have to check that out! they look yummy. i remember seeing them at hammerpress on a first friday!

SGM said...

Totally cute!

Aren't you lucky to have that little treat in KC.