Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cat Life

This is probably one of the most accurate illustrations of cat life that I have ever seen... my favorites? Linebacker and The Hug and Bite.

Illustration by Lucy Knisley, via We Say Meow, via Ink on My Fingers

I was so happy to see my kitty when we got home last night, and I could barely sleep because I just wanted to keep snuggling with her... she is so SWEET! Now all we have to do is pick up the pup from our dear friends today and our little family will be back together again!

Oh, and wouldn't you know that the only notable thing that I brought back from the beach was a summer cold? I've already gone through an entire box of tissue at my desk at work, and it's only 10 am!



alissa said...

omg this is awesome - i think i need to print it out. grace practices these on a daily basis - like her yoga.

you'll have to tell me what you're thinking for the party! Forever 21 is a gold mine - my friend got the best madonna outfit there and we saw about 12 dresses that were very katy perry! My husband and his friend are doing kris kross! i think we've also got saltnpeppa, brett michaels and adam levine making an appearance to name a few haha

Kristyn said...

Dear Jessie,

Hi. I miss you and I'm sorry you have a cold. Please get better before I get home so we can play.