Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kansas City Love

Do you know about Grace's Birdcage? It is a LOVELY blog that is written and run right here in Kansas City.

It's LOVELY owner (not Grace... Grace is the cat... who doesn't like milk) wrote her 1000th post yesterday (Congratulations Alissa!), and is holding a giveaway to celebrate! I feel like I probably shouldn't enter, because the aDORable postcards from Hammerpress that she is offering as the prize could just as easily be obtained by getting up from my desk RIGHT NOW and trotting myself down the street to their shop to buy them for myself.

But YOU should definitely head on over and enter to win, because everything that Hammerpress does is FAB I tell you... just fabulous.

She also posted a link to the article in Elle Decor about our dear city, and I had heard about it but hadn't taken a look yet. Let me just say that if you have never been here before, it is worth a visit. :)

The Nelson Atkins Museum - just two blocks away from our house!

Union Station
I have to walk through this gorgeous and expansive space to my stop everytime I take the bus home.

I've been amazed at how many wonderful bloggers are either from KC or connected to the city in some way. Sarah has lived here, Megan has lived here (and wrote a beautifully nostalgic post about July 4th as a kid in KC), and Betsy blogs about the cutest things from her little shop down the street. Let's not forget my routine Summer Saturday stop - Lindsay's traveling snowcone stand! Amanda lives close enough for visits, and Katy posts about her fashion adventures from a college town just 45 minutes away. Let's not forget the great style spotting!!!
Kansas City has SO much to offer, and the longer I live here, the more I learn to love it and hold it as my home.


alissa said...

you are the sweetest thing ever! thanks for posting this :) i cant wait to check out the rest of these kc-esque blogs!

Jennifer Carlson said...

I love that you are featuring KC blogs and shops! I wish I could get downtown more. Hey, I wanted to let you know that we had our Habitat meeting and there are some amazing things for fall! I can't tell you much now, but I will tell you that you must research Rachel Comey and CB I Hate Perfume (yes, that's the name of the brand). Miss you guys!