Friday, October 24, 2008

Piperlime Pick of the Week!


Close your eyes and say it with me...


Why are we meditating you ask? (Please whisper, btw.)

Well, we are focusing all of our positive thoughts on my job situation, that is at this current moment - STILL NON-EXISTENT!

Ahem. Sorry about that.

Today's Piperlime Picks are work appropriate gems, and I've chosen them for their sleek silhouettes, their classic style, and their ability to send their oh-so-professional-shoe-vibes to the Keeper Of All Jobs.

Kady by Vince Camuto - $79.99

Amelie by DRU New York - $79.99

Lacy by Pink Studio - $79.99
(These are my favorite, dear Keeper, I'd like to wear these to the new job that you will be sending my way...)

If you love me, please hum your own job-vibes for me today, kay? Muchas gracias.



Lopi said...

The economic crisis is starting to effect the fashion bloggers seriously, probably because we all have creative jobs and very often we work freelance I just came over from Kingdom of Style, where Queen Michelle - a very talented graphic designer - is also unemployed and searching for a job.
Sending my good vibes all the way from Greece to you!

Robin said...

Oh, your taste is too good. If my job were still in the corporate world, I would order all 3. But being a yoga teacher/freelance event planner/mom does not require such fabulous footwear. Thinking good job thoughts for you, my dear!

Regardez Moi said...

I am OMMMing for you as I type. My coworkers are looking at me strangely, but ... I've done weirder things so they should just shut it.

I love those picks, especially the first one.


twelvekindsofcrazy said...


Amanda said...

Do you feel the ohms?

I am in love with the second pair of shoes...that would look great on the plane while travelling to SE Gerogia, don't you think?

Thinking good thoughts about jobs for you!