Friday, October 10, 2008

Off I Go!

Partners in crime (funny, I accidentally just typed "parents in crome") - Downtown San Diego, Summer 2007

This week has been a crazy one as I have been getting ready for my Girls Trip this weekend, and also preparing for a big event that is coming up in November... but I'll tell you about that next week. :)

Even our teddies are BFFs.

The originally planned foursome has dropped to a still-really-excited-three, due to some rigorous nursing school midterms, but we are still just as jazzed to spend the weekend together.

Late night ice-blocking in Palm Desert - Fall Break of 2006

My google reader is telling me that I have about 400 posts that are yet to be read, so that is what I will be doing at the airport/on the plane.

I hope that you all get to enjoy a nice early fall weekend, and get out those jack-o-lanterns, because Halloween is almost here!!! Ta-ta, my lovelies!


SGM said...

Oh, oh! is this your Denver weekend? I wish I had suggestions for you but I'm totally pulling a blank. Dress warmly, my sweet--it's supposed to snow!

Jennifer said...

Girl, you and your posse must have a Phelpsian number of gold medals in the cute olympics. *jealous*

Regardez Moi said...

Jessie. Why are you the most adorable thing/person on the planet? Seriously. That dress you are wearing in the first photo??? To. Die. For. As are you :)

Have so much fun with your girlies!!! I'm excited for you. We want stories and photos!!

Ashley said...

Hope you hav a great time! Also, I loooove those shoes in the first picture!!!

karey m. said...

what is happening in november?!

you are stunner!

Jessie said...

Easily some of my favorite comments ever!

We had the best time, and yes, SGM it was FUHREAZZZZING!

Jennifer, we trained for months for the ICO (International Cute Olympics), but only finished with two silvers and a bronze. Thanks for the overwhelmingly generous assumption though. And let's make sure that Phelpsian becomes an official word, kay?

Jozettey, that dress is EASILY one of my favorites. I got it years ago at F21! The shoes are Steve Maddens that were on may-jah sale and I've had them forever, too.

Miss Karey, you will just have to wait and see! HEEEE! Very soon!