Thursday, October 30, 2008

Holiday Handmade: Halloween!

The second installment of Holiday Handmade is here, and JUST in time for Halloween! My family never really decorated for Halloween growing up, but instead focused on general Fall and Thanksgiving decor, so this is my first time to really give it a whirl!

We are having a Halloween Spooktacular here at our humble abode on Friday, and I just might have enough time to make these darling decorations! They are simple, fun, and fast. Wham. Bam. THANK YOU, MAM!
Ghost Garland
Via A Beautiful Mess

This string of new friends can be created by cutting ghost shapes out of white felt or paper and then attaching them end to end using one of a few different methods. You could stitch across them with white thread (much like I did on these birthday pennants) or you could lay out a long piece of yarn or ribbon and glue the ghosts on using fabric glue (Alene's Fabri-tack is my fave). Easy peasy!

Broom Bags
Via Urban Grace Interiors

Brown lunch bags? Check. Scissors? Check. Black yarn and a couple of sticks? Check and check. Stuff LOTS and lots of delicious candy inside, and you've got yo'self a par-tay fay-vah!

Paper Jack o' Lanterns
Via Design Crush

We did not buy pumpkins this year (sob) and I was pretty bummed about it, until I saw this idea on how I could make some stand-ins! Cut out some shapes to look like a face, stick a chopstick through the back (I KNEW those take-out chopsticks could be put to use someday), put a candle behind it and light 'er up! *Important Note - Make sure the Jack o' Lanterns are NOT within reach of mischievous kittens.*

Looks like I've got a lot to do before tomorrow night... I still need a costume for the contest we're having. EEk! Any ideas? What could I be on a small budget and even smaller amount of prep time???

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Kate Coveny Hood said...

I love the ghosts - reminds me of the "ghosties" that The Black Apple does. Perfect for me since I don't like the scary stuff.