Thursday, October 2, 2008

Holiday Handmade: Branch Centerpiece

Today's inspiration comes from a lovely photograph taken by the talented Tina Rupp. I first spotted this image on Party Perfect (a blog about throwing parties with pizazz - if you love to entertain, then you need to check this site out, immediately!).

Granted, the luscious white background does a lot to highlight this darling table centerpiece, but I can definitely see this being a great (read: easy, inexpensive, eco-friendly) way to add a dash of fall to your table or mantle.

Let's get started, shall we???

My own version!

Steps to a Schnazzy Branch Centerpiece

1. Find branch. Preferably one that has already fallen from the tree. Also preferably one that does not have termites, spiders, or other such vermin. Check carefully!

2. Gently brush off any dirt or loose bark, and use pruning shears to trim branch into a shape and size that will fit your table/mantle.

3. Taking care to lay down newspaper or a dropcloth (unless you want the floor of your garage to look like a Jackson Pollack painting, like mine), begin to spray paint all of the exposed surfaces of the branch. You could also use acrylic paint for this project, but spray paint is the most time efficient. After you have given several coats to this side of the branch, let dry overnight. Otherwise the sticky tendrils of the branch with attach themselves to your newspaper and you will be left with a big mess!

4. Once the first side is really really dry, flip 'er over and paint the other side.

5. Decorate your branch with faux birds, cranberry garlands, smooth stones (of the luckiest kind), a strand of twinkling lights, or fabric leaves... the sky's the limit!

Notes: I used a bright teal color, but you could use any color you wish to customize the look. Orange or Black would be great for a Halloween get-together. I was also thinking that I might do another branch in silver or white, stand it up in a pretty bottle or jar, and hang miniature ornaments from it for Christmas!

I don't think I'll be lighting those candles, but they sure do look pretty!

As with all of the Holiday Homemade projects, if you try it... please send me a picture of how it turns out! Also, if you have any ideas or suggestions for something that I should try, feel free to share.

Now, I'm off to sip my cinnamon coffee while I run my errands! I've got on a cozy sweater... Fall is DEFinitely here!


Amanda said...

Aren't you just the creative one! I can't wait to see it in person!

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

such a great idea. i love the first picture since the table is so sparse. i might have to give this a try!

ZDub said...

That turned out totally cute!

ZDub said...
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Anonymous said...

SO awesome!! I love it! WHAT color is that? I need it in my home. Like, everywhere.

Unknown said...

I am IN LOVE with branches ...have found random large ones outside and dragged them back to my house to use as decor. ...I love it...