Saturday, October 18, 2008


Today I ran in the 5K portion of the Waddell & Reed Kansas City Marathon, and I am just plum-tuckered out! Fun race, though, and a big Congrats to G who ran in the half-marathon for his very first organized race ever! Muy bien, mi amor.

This weeks Piperlime Picks (Weekend Edition) are all flats, and I must say that although I normally wear shoes with a significant heel, I have been trying to keep my eyes open for snazzy flats for fall.

Burda by Taryn Rose - SALE $289.99

Way above my normal price range, but these are TOO cute! Loving the menswear inspiration and those darling laces. I'd wear these with tights, a shortish patterned skirt, and an over-sized sweater... mmmMMMMM!

Paige Tall Buckle by Frye - $288

While I was in Denver, I bought a darling pair of flat black boots with some really cute buckles, and I love them so much! The more I thought about it, I realized that pretty much all of my boots have a heel! I have been wearing the new ones like crazy, and now it is my mission to find a light brown pair of flat boots as well. These I absolutely love, and the mix of textures makes for a more interesting choice than choosing just a solid leather boot. Plus, they are tall, and I am totally into tall.

840 by New Balance - $80

Finally, since my existing running shoes are pretty worn out from the summer season of a jogger, I could use a new pair to encourage my exercise on into the colder months. (Couldn't we all!)

Fill me in on what you think of the latest Picks, darling Luckies! Hope you enjoyed the Saturday post, and don't forget to update your readers and your blogrolls with the new web address ( Muchas gracias!


Amanda said...

I love the boots! Maybe I should cash in my 401(k) and buy them, since that is about all that is left in it there after these past few weeks!

Congrats too on the race!

karey m. said...

those boots are always lovely...

and what is up with taryn rose? why so expensive?! even on sale...


Lopi said...

I love the trainers, and this comes from someone who hasn't bought a pair almost since I graduated from high school.
Also I've already updated my blogroll with your new address. Happy 150th post!