Monday, October 6, 2008

New Item at Lucky Stone Vintage!

If you or anyone you know, happens to be in the market for a too-cute-to-be-true vintage wicker picnic basket, then I have got great news! I just added this little gem to my Etsy store, and I wanted to show you all how cute it is.

It is lined with a darling green gingham fabric and has nifty little pockets to hold your food and utensils. It also has a leather shoulder strap, and a brass clasp on the front. The basket includes two acrylic goblets, a plastic cutting board, a serrated knife, and a wine key.

Just writing about it makes me wish that G and I were out in the park with a blanket, a good book, and a basket full of sliced apples, brie, sourdough bread, and wine! Yum!


karey m. said...

i've always been drawn to picnic baskets...there's something so romantic about 'em.

this one's lovely! xoxo.

{and those boots below. my. god. i. must.}

ZDub said...

That is so cute. I wish we didn't already have a picnic tote or I would buy this one.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you say so? Let's go!

Robin said...

mmmm, sounds like a tasty picnic you have planned there. cute basket too!

Jessie said...

It is quite a gem, if I do say so myself!

I would definitely keep it for myself if we didn't already have one!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love this. If I didn't have a picnic basket already, I'd snap this one up. It's perfect!