Thursday, August 28, 2008

Zotis and 'Bones

Did anyone else find it comical that Stella has a boyfriend who goes by the nickname 'Ratbones'?

I'd say it's a match made in leatha-heaven.

They plan on designing a clothing line together and calling it Zotis & 'Bones, and I can only imagine what they dream about naming their hypothetical children.


benson said...

I told my husband as a term of endearment I would now start calling him "roach legs". Stella,stella.

Stephanie said... I could NOT get over the Zotis-and-Bones thing! REALLY? Who would buy clothes from such a label? T and I were in stitches watching that!

G said...

Uhhh...I just noticed that you can see Stella "goosing" Ratbones via the mirror in the background.



JKM said...

Lol!!! That's hilarious G! Thanks for pointing that out!