Friday, June 20, 2008

Piperlime Pick of the Week!

Omygosh by Nine West - $99

This week's pick is a little edgier than normal... but, I chose it because I want the opinion of my lovely readers!

Also available in "Paris Mushroom"... aka .... Grey

The oxford-style shoe seems to be everywhere these days... at all price points, colors, and heel heights.

When I first saw an oxford heel used in a fashion editorial, I really liked the look it created, but I was convinced that I would never be able to work it into my wardrobe. Then I happened to stumble across darling Camille at Childhood Flames, who has become a great source of fashion inspiration to me. She definitely knows how to rock this look (although her oxford of choice happens to be a pair of 4 1/2 inch YSL platforms).

She has the confidence of someone FAR beyond her years, and speaks of wearing what you like, and not worrying about the criticism of others. That said, I don't want to be the laughing stock of Kansas City (which happens to more fashion forward than you might think, but possibly not far along enough to truly embrace such a shoe).

What do we think? I really like the way Camille has styled them, and would end up pairing them with similar things (more of a Fall look), but my fear is that if I wore these, I would come off as disgustingly trendy. That is something I Do. Not. Want. Also, could I pair these with something a little more summery? Would a dress and bare legs be too stark?

Feel free to be honest and share your opinions with me... I always look so forward to hearing your thoughts!

*** James, you HAVE to comment on this one... I need your fashion advice! Also, I am seriously on the hunt for a great line for men (especially for you, my only male reader besides Dad) and hopefully I will be posting soon!


Regardez Moi said...

Hmmmmm. I appreciate the look this creates in say, a magazine, but honestly? I could never wear them. Even in Philadelphia. New York maybe. They are super trendy and I usually try to stay awake from things super trendy. Just cause I'll hate them in a year.

Jennifer said...

These are passable in theory but in practice, they cut off the line of the leg in an unflattering place. See, e.g. Fishsticks Paltrow -- long, lean, incredibly toned legs and clunky, heavy feet do not make for a good marriage.

Anonymous said...

I admit, these have grown on me. Personally, I wouldn't wear them, but if I had legs (and an edgy wardrobe) like Camille I would. I don't like the look of them on bare legs, so if you wanted to wear them with a skirt I would pair them with tights. So, that's an option for fall. I do think they could look great with wide-legged trousers, too.

karey m. said...

i nearly bought a pair of menswear-inspired oxfords last fall with a giant heel like these...but {as jennifer wrote} one of my friends said no matter how lean your legs, they make you look like you have cankles.

i think that's a bad.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea but i completely agree with what Karey said. Cankles. Just the word makes me shudder. If you wanted to pull this off without being trendy, go for the black - they don't scream for attention the way the grey do. If i were to wear them, i would go for the Hot Secretary look.

Speaking of shoes, i love the shoes from a couple of posts ago... the Eagle? Red and gold? LOVED THEM!!! I can totally picture you walking into the store wearing them.

Couture Carrie said...

Loving all these booties. I think bare legs for summer . . . save the opaques for fall - when florals are apparently still going to be right on trend. Cute skirt!

Jessie said...

Thanks for the thoughts, everyone!

I seriously love you guys...

Jozettey - Isn't it weird how your wardrobe thinking changes depending on what city you're in??

Jen - Saw the fishsticks picture... totally agree.

Mary - Good call on the wideleg trousers.

Karey - Cankles are a DEFINITE bad.

James - Black over grey. Good call. I just revisited the red and gold, and I agree, they're fab!

Carrie - Thanks for stopping by! Love your blog, and I agree, floral skirts and opaque tights are going to be going full force, come fall!

Madame Dior said...

=o oh my those shoes are hot!

JackeeG4glamorous said...

I love the black - I'd wear them with trousers, the last look - is um, too young for me.

Dana (MODAna) said...

oxfords are much easier to wear than I initially though too!
I have like three pairs and the one I love most is the ridiculously high Michael Kors ones - it's a closed shoe so you can afford to go higher and higher and higher
Give it a shot; it's summer, it isn't so "trendy" now

Anonymous said...

Oooh love the idea of those shoes in a gray color. They would look so pretty with textured tights for fall!

Jessie said...

Love all the input, everyone!!! I haven't decided how I feel yet, but I will be sure to let you know if there are any oxford purchases in my near future!


dee said...

Camille is adorable, I know. I regularly stop by to see what new look she's rockin'. My theory is this: if it's super trendy and you really like it, get it. Just get a cheaper option, like a 9West or similar. I save the splurges for the shoes I know I'll still like two or three seasons from now. I think these are totally cute and you should go for it...they're so fun!! Personally, I won't wear them until I can pair them with tights, as I imagine they might look like dressy high-tops against a pale leg. I could be way off though.