Monday, June 9, 2008

I Can See Clearly Now the Rain is Gone

Well, the metaphorical rain is gone, but the actual rain is still very here...

No one told me that Early Summer in the Midwest would be so much fun (sarcasm intended)!

I'll take real storms and rain, over the metaphorical kind, ANY day. Allow me to explain...

The Butterfly Garden by irenesuchoki

For the past eight months, I held a position that taught me many things.

I didn't learn how to become better at marketing, or how to develop a business, or how to succeed in a professional work environment. I didn't experience any of the things that I was hoping to encounter when I accepted my former position back in September.

I learned that leaving 20 minutes early on the Friday before your birthday weekend will sometimes get you docked a whole half of a vacation day.

I learned that sharing your original ideas with someone may mean that they will steal them, present them, and claim them as their own.

I learned that not every boss that you work for will have your best interests in mind when they are making decisions.

I learned that when you are hired as a Marketing Associate, you very well may be hired the same week that the receptionist is fired, therefore making you a super-stapler-phone-answerer-copymaker-dish-washer-errand-runner completely by default.

I learned that being offered more money to stay at a job that sucks the life, soul, joy, energy, confidence, and charisma right out of you is not usually a good idea.

I hate to be a downer, but as far as I can tell, the end of this story is going to be a happy one.

Dusk by jmulcahy

For the past eight months, I have been a shell of the person I once was, and this past week has seemed to be what it must feel like to bust out of a cocoon after a dreary winter.

At my new job, I have tentatively begun to stretch out my stiff limbs of logic and my delicate wings of creativity.

So far, I have spent my days enjoying myself more than I ever dreamed would be possible at an actual job. I have been brainstorming and writing much needed marketing materials. I have been meeting, planning, and preparing to help open a store that is run by people with a mission and a purpose - our store is part of a company that I believe in with my whole heart.

I have been coming up with displays for some of the most gorgeous jewelry, dish ware, bedding, and furniture lines that can be found in Kansas City. I have been thoroughly enjoying myself, loving my co-workers, contributing to the progress of the business, and finally feeling like my presence is needed and that I really belong.

Flutterby by soundslikerain

As each day of the first week has passed, the wings of my heart have fluttered like a baby butterfly who is just realizing how much of this glorious world she has ahead of her. She is no longer a caterpillar who has to bore herself with munching through endless amounts of leaves.

This brand new butterfly has the freedom to flit about from flower to flower, spreading the pollen it takes to make the world beautiful.

I suppose that the longer one spends in their dark lonely cocoon, the more appreciative they are to finally be free.


Anonymous said...

This post is so great. I love hearing things like this. I'm so glad that you were able to leave a job that sounded like pure poison and find one that is the complete & utter opposite. Three cheers for you!

Petunia Face said...

Okay, technically this isn't a comment on the particular post, but--One good thing about accidentally deleting your blog and having to start anew? (And this is stretching it...)

You are forced to get off your lazy butt and spiffy up the ol' blog roll. I just added you. :)

Please make sure you update your roll with my new URL.

It's still raining over here, but I have to think it will soon be gone...

karey m. said...

your old job was toxic...

this one sounds like a joy. just like you.

Jennifer said...

You are both smart and lucky to extricate yourself from such an environment. We spend so many of our waking hours at work, and invest so much of ourselves in our jobs, that it's criminal to allow the ingrates and the thieves to sap your soul. They'll be sorry they lost you and too fucking bad for them!

Jessie said...

Mary, thank you so much, my sweet friend!

Susannah, Karey and I were WORRIED! Emails were exchanged, let me tell you. I finally figured it out after a quick search and my blog roll will be updated immediately following this comment. Thanks so much for the add! I am totally honored... and the rain will soon be gone, my darling!

Karey, a joy?? Me?? Aw, shucks. I truly, honestly appreciate and adore your words.

Jennifer, word up, yo! Nothing worse than soul sappers, huh? Feeling your encouragement all the way from here...

Sneaky Chic said...

Jessie, that was a great post and I am so happy to hear that your new job is so wonderful. Thank God you left that other place - I can relate to so many of your examples. This new job sounds devine and it sounds like a perfect fit for you.

Keep livin the dream!

Jessie said...

Thanks, Sneaky, dear! I can't wait to hear about your new job!!!

Robin said...

I was reading this and thinking, oh Susannah totally needs to read this. But I came here to comment and saw that she already did. The blogosphere is amazing in the way in brings together awesome people to help inspire each other! And - I am SO HAPPY for you. Having worked in both wonderful and awful places, I can attest to the difference it makes in your overall happiness and life enjoyment!

Jessie said...

Thanks, Robin! It has been such a relief, and now I am a believer-for-life that loving what you do for a living should be a priority!