Thursday, June 26, 2008

Funny Fug

Go Fug Yourself is a blog devoted wholely to the fashion mistakes and must-haves of the celebrity world. The writers are funny funny funny, and I always get a good laugh when I visit their site.

As I was catching up on their red-carpet-reviews for the Daytime Emmys, I came across this:

Raya Meddine from The Young and The Restless

slkdfhslifhaskljfaheoifjahnkfjhvksdskdjsk! I'm sorry, that should have been a capital ANKJDAHOHDALKSDALKHDLAKJDHKADHLAKHDAKJSD!

How that ever could have been passed off as a dress is beyond me, and this is what the fuggers had to say about it...

"Now I'm one giant black flower away from being her proctologist. Also, I know this is going to make me sound twelve, but I can't help it: While I understand WHY the flower is placed where it is, it's also totally unfortunate, because there it gives off the gross impression that Raya had an unfortunate accident in the limo.

I guess you could say I'm not a fan."

HA! You can find the full post here.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Fugs. They are a total riot.

Regardez Moi said...

Oh my goodness. That is quite a dress. And I love the fugs too!

Jennifer said...

What the FUCK is THAT? Lordy.