Monday, June 16, 2008

A Letter to my Daddio

(written on Father's Day 2008)


I was sitting in church this morning and I could not tear my eyes away from the little family in front of me. It was a husband and wife, both incredibly smitten with their adorable little baby boy. Their son was probably 18 months old, and he was in his Dad's arms the whole time. His little tiny hands were clutching the sleeve of his Dad's shirt so tightly, and his little moon-shaped face was constantly tilting up to look at his father with bright and already adoring eyes.

I couldn't help but think about you and Mom and how many times I have held on to both of you so tightly, not wanting to have to leave the presence of my precious parents.

I know I have told you so many times how much you mean to me and how much I love you, but you have to understand that you are such a rock in my life that I just can't help but continually express my thanks to you.

My 23 years of life have been shaped and formed by your constant and unconditional love. I have learned so much of what I know just by watching you live and following your example. By being the best at your career, you have taught me how to succeed. By writing and publishing numerous books, you have taught me how to express myself through words. By being a sensitive man with a tender heart, you have taught me the importance of being gracious and kind. By always putting others first, you have taught me that God blesses those who honor Him.

Perhaps the most notable, is the way you wholeheartedly love and care for your beautiful bride. I have learned so much about marriage by watching you and Mom, and I can only hope that G and I will be able to love each other as long and as fully as you two have loved each other.

You are generous and selfless when it comes to providing for your family, and I am so blessed by all of the amazing memories that we have made together. The special father and daughter trips that we have taken will always be at the top of my list of favorites. Last Father's Day, you took an entire weekend to come to California so that we could be together.

We were supposed to be celebrating the holiday to honor you, but instead you treated me like a princess. Staying at the Montage in Laguna Beach, was a more beautiful weekend than I can describe. Time flew by as we went to the shops in town, ate fancy dinners, laid by the beach and the pool, took tons of pictures, and walked along the water in the early morning.

I got you a measly book and a framed picture of our family as Father's Day gifts, and YOU gave me some of the most beautiful things I will ever have. It was our last trip as father and single daughter, and we talked and laughed and cried and dreamed of our futures ALL weekend long. We both knew that those days spent together were the biggest treasures we could ever give to each other.

You made me floaty and smiley and the happiest, on that trip, when you told me that you will continue to love me the best that you can for the rest of your life, but that you were honored to be giving me away to a son-in-law that you "couldn't have chosen better yourself". The thing is, Dad... the only reason I knew how to pick someone so great, was because I had someone really amazing to compare him to. I know how to love G with all my might, because you and Mom have shown me how.

It has warmed my heart the way that you have come to love G and the rest of the Brown family like they were your own. By marrying into their family, I have gained yet another amazing Dad and the two of you constantly loving us and praying for us make us feel like the luckiest "kids" around.

I know that I can come to you with any joy or sorrow, praise or problem, surprise or struggle, and that you and Mom will love me no matter what. I am not exaggerating when I say that I think about you every single day, and it brings tears to my eyes that I can't see you as often as I'd like.

I want to be just like you, Dad.... and today is one of those days where I would do anything to be able to grasp the sleeve of your shirt and look at your always-smiling face with the adoring eyes that I have for you. You are a champion of life, and I am so blessed to be your daughter.

Wishing you the most glowingly wonderful Father's Day ever,


- Jessie Lynne


Anonymous said...

What an amazing post! Brought tears to my eyes. I loved it!

Anonymous said...

oh boy, almost in tears as well. the pic of your daddy walking you down the aisle is my favorite, i remember that moment so well. love you and your whole fam, wish him a late happy father's day from his piglet : )

karey m. said...

ugh. i thought i was going to see a piperlime pick.

instead? this gorgeous love letter.

i loved it. you're good. xoxo.

Anonymous said...

Jessie Lynne, I hope, for once and if ever, that my response actually gets posted.
First and foremsot, you are my precious and special daughter and I thank God for the blessing that you are in my life.
Your words and the pictures on this, Father's Day 2008, are overwhelming to me. Thank you for the best Fathers Day gift possible!!
You give me far too much credit for the way that you have turned out; of course God deserves that as He alone has created you and your destiny.
I am so blessed to know, without question, that you have are with a man of God who loves you and will honor you all the days of his life. Awesome G!!
Thanks again Cabesie for this sweet, tender tribute. I will always keep it tucked away in my heart. xoxox Daddy

Jessie said...

It worked, Dad! It worked!

[I have two incredibly well-meaning but technologically-challenged parents, hence the lack of parental comments. My Dad has made several commenting attempts (and several frustrated phone calls) over the life of this little blog, and he finally figured it out!]

Robin said...

This is so very sweet. I am just catching up on blog reading and this was a wonderful post to start on. I love your blog and your family!

Jessie said...

Glad you're back, Robin!!!

Courtney said...

OH JESSIE!!! This is beautiful. And what great pics you have of you and your Dad. He sounds like such an honorable man. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us!

And I loved that his response worked. My Dad's didn't, LOL!

amber {daisy chain} said...

tears! that was so sweet, your dad is one lucky guy!

Stephanie said...

your wedding pics are beautiful too... :)