Monday, June 2, 2008

Jonathan Adler Giraffe Lamps

It is weird that G and I have NO idea if/when we will ever be ready to have children, but when it comes to picking out names and decorating the nursery, I have everything perfectly set up in my head?

Theme for said nursery? Giraffes. Weird, I know.

I really rully love animals, and Giraffes are one of my favorites. I think it's because G is a little Giraffeish in his own way... tall, thin, eats leaves, has those little nubby antler things growing next to his ears...

Ok, just kidding about the eating leaves part.

"Giraffe Lamp" by Jonathan Adler - $375

Anyways, when I saw this lamp here the other day, I quickly added a pair to the ever-growing shopping list in my head.

So, besides the $375 price tag (that's for one, folks) what do we think?

Cheesy? Darling? A little too... too?

I'm dying to know your thoughts, my lovelies!


Jennifer said...

Let's put it this way: I'll wrestle you to the ground for it.

Anonymous said...

AWE.some. I love it!

Dolce said...

Oh no! I LOVE it. It's design is simple enough I think it would work in more rooms than just a nursery.

karey m. said...

crap. i just saw a giraffe head {exactly like all those deer heads you mount on the wall?}...but they were all sold out.

maybe on etsy? they were very cool.

i'll paper mache you one when you have a babe. {crap. it's in writing.}

Anonymous said...

i absolutely love everything he creates. it's got such a wonderfully quirky feel, but still maintains a level of class that would look lovely in a nursery!

Jessie said...

Amen, sistafriends!

Jennifer - you're on!

Mary - YOU'RE awesome.

Dolce - I totally agree on it's verstility...

Karey - You'll be the first friend who has ever paper mache'd me anything!

C&C - Jonathan is a master!

Sarah's Fab Day said...

I love giraffes too, and I think the lamp is darling, not at all cheesy.

Stephanie said...

that is darling! How have I not seen this before!?!

Anonymous said...

It's cool, but I would like to hear what moms with babies and little ones say about it because a baby or toddler might not get as excited about looking at it as a design-conscious mom would. :)

Jessie said...

Uh, Anon (which also happens to be my MOTHER)? Looks like it's 8 to 1... you lose.

Also, since when do people decorate their nurseries to suit their babies tastes??? I don't even remember what my nursery looked like.

Furthermore, why wouldn't you want to cover your bases to make sure your child grows up with a fantastic sense of style (forget nature vs. nurture... how about nature PLUS nurture).

In conclusion, I think you should buy this for me - two, in fact. How about one now, as a way to apologize for your criticism, and one when I actually have a baby. Ok, thanks. I love you.

Robin said...

You crack me up - and I love the lamp. We did a monkey theme so of course I like giraffes.

The way you write about your family makes me know you will be an amazing mom when you do take the plunge. And I can attest, every cliche thing they tell you is Completely true. You cannot Believe how much you can love someone till you hold the little baby that you & your husband created. AMAZING.

Jessie said...

Oh, Robin, so encouraging! Reading about your pregnancy and Micah's birth has made me excited to experience motherhood someday! Thanks for your words. :)