Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fervere (fur-vair'-ay)

One of the things I love doing most in life?


I eat all the time, and am always on the hunt for new recipes, new restaurants, and new foods that I love. An all time favorite of mine has always been really great rustic French bread. The crustier the better. Last week, I found the KC mecca of deliciously baked bread.

"Fervere is the Latin root word for "passion" and "fermentation" -- ingredients for great bread."

Fervere is a little shop on 17th and Summit (just west of downtown), where they truly pride themselves on authentically baked European style bread. The oven they use is a replica of those made in the 1800s, and they only have to heat it once a week... that's how long it holds it's cooking power!

They carry all varieties and I plan on trying them all someday, but when I popped in with my lovely boss on Friday, she bought my co-worker and I a loaf of the Pain de Campagne. It was absolutely delish. Perfectly fresh and soft on the inside (but not too doughy), and just the right amount of crustiness (but not enough to cut the roof of your mouth when you take a bite... I HATE that.) G and I had it for lunch on Saturday with different variations of spreads and cheeses, and then I purposely saved just enough to make something super special for brunch on Sunday.

Now let me preface the following by saying that I am not normally a fan of such heavy breakfast fare, but I couldn't let that delicious bread go to waste, and I knew we probably would not eat it during the week.

So.... I decided to try out a very promising French toast recipe (perfect as preparation for our upcoming trip!) and it turned out so well that I just had to share it with you! I definitely think one of the most important parts of the recipe is to have a really great crusty, fresh bread, but I'm sure you could make do with whatever you have.

Regretfully, I didn't take pictures - so this image will just have to do! Yum!

French Toast with Hot Buttered Rum-Maple(-Strawberry) Syrup
Adapted from the First & Forever Bride and Groom Cookbook*
(changes are indicated in parenthesis)
Serves 2

1/2 cup half & half (SKIM MILK)
2 eggs
1 tablespoon granulated white (BROWN) sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon, plus a pinch of kosher salt
1/8 teaspoon ground cinnamon
2 tablespoons unsalted butter
4-6 thick slices of crusty bread
1/3 cup (SUGAR FREE) maple syrup
1 tablespoon light rum
(handful of diced strawberries... could also use bananas or blueberries)
powdered sugar for dusting

Whisk together the milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla, 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt, and the cinnamon in a wide, shallow bowl. Heat a large non-stick skillet over medium heat and melt 1 tablespoon of the butter. Dip the bread in the egg mixture, coating both sides well. Arrange the bread in the skillet and cook until golden brown, 1 to 2 minutes on each side. Transfer toast to warmed plates.

Remove the skillet from the heat and combine the maple syrup, the remaining 1 tablespoon butter, the rum, and a pinch of kosher salt in the pan. Swirl until the butter melts, and then add strawberries. Pour over the French toast, dust with powdered sugar, and serve immediately.

*Note: The recipes in this cookbook are amazing. This is a GREAT wedding gift, but honestly, I'd want it even if I weren't married.

This was my very first time making French toast and I was so pleased with how it turned out, I think I just might officially make it my specialty! Light as a souffle with a hint of rum and warm strawberries... I'm going to have to hold myself back from having it every week!

What do you think? Won't you join us for brunch???


Anonymous said...

I am totally obsessed with bread. It's my weakness. That french toast looks AMAZING! I'll bring the mimosas!

karey m. said...

one time, i was bragging about my french toast. it's really the best thing i make. and one of uncle sugar's cousins asked for my recipe, which was eggs, sugar, flour, and i think a little dash of vanilla.

her recipe began with "the night before, you need to..." dude? you lost me at the night before.

i could've used this recipe.

Regardez Moi said...

mmmmm, Jessie, this looks amazing. I am such a bread lover. and that french toast...i'm drooling!!

Anonymous said...

I don't have too much time in the morning to make breakfast but i LOVE any breakfast recipe. I just dream of the day when i can wake up and create a wonderful breakfast like that.

Side note: Have you been to the antique stores down at 45th and Bell?? They can be a little pricey but have such cute things. AND!!! There's a massive antique mall down in the river market... 4 floors. Books, furniture, kitchenware, clothing... it seriously takes an entire day to walk through it. Just letting you know!

Robin said...

I wish I could come for brunch...sounds fantastic!!!
Bread is my weakness too :)

twelvekindsofcrazy said...

Ummm, totally kicks my Aunt Jemima frozen waffle suggestion. Hangs head.
Now I'm really hungry!
Oh, the creepy guy just hocked in his office. Never mind.

Jessie said...

Mary - You're ON! Mimosas and French toast sound like the perfect combo!

Karey - It's all yours... definitely try it and don't forget the rum!

Jozettey - Come over and I'll make it for youuuu!

James - I've been to the one in the River Market and it is AWESOME... I haven't ever been to the ones on Bell, but if you recommend them, then I can't wait to go!

Robin - I wish I could make them for your while watching Micah and letting you sleep in! I'm sure you need some rest (and deliciousness!) from being a new mama!

Tina - Trust me, I'm still a sucker for Waffles for Dinner! Tell CG to stop being such a grosso and ruining your appetite... yuck!