Monday, April 6, 2009

My Embroidered Heart

My very most favorite form of art is embroidery... did you already know that about me?
It's true. I love anything that has been "painted with thread", and I also love to make my own little embroidered works of art, as well.
I have come across SO many images of wonderfully creative and gorgeous needlework recently, that I just could not resist sharing them with you, my dear luckies.
This hereby officially begins the start of Embroidery Week at The Lucky Stone!
(Don't you dare leave now. This is not going to turn into a Grandma-centric yarn fest! We're talking about beautiful and modern needlework, here...)
Let's kick things off with the fabulously graphic pieces of Gillian Bates.

The Flower Stall

Machine embroidery is something that I have not quite gotten the hang of yet, but Gillian is an absolute master. At first glance, I thought that she was an illustrator, and that these lovely pieces of hers were line drawings, but at closer inspection, I realized that I was way off.

The Palace Pier

Looking through her work reminded me of flipping through photographs from a favorite vacation... each is a special little glimpse of life; a memory that needed to be captured by more than a shutter and flash. Yes, I think that I much prefer the way of fabric and thread. :)

St. Leonards

My favorites (shown here) all happen to have a similar theme, and they all remind me of the summer that is hopefully on it's way to KC (windchill is 20 degrees as I type this). I'm so glad I came across Gillian's work, and I plan on continuing to follow and be inspired by her charming designs.

Also, check out Gillian's Etsy shop for art prints and postcards made from her original embroidery! Go now, she has ice cream!


Arlynn said...

Wow, I can't believe those are embroideries - fantastic!!!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

My brother's girlfiend (the one currently giving away an embroidered bag on my site) uses embroidery in some of her art as well. It's incredibly underused as an art form... I love these images.

Jessie said...

Aren't they incredible, Arlynn!?

Kate, I LOVED the embroidered bag. She a talent! :)

Zakary said...

So pretty!

nelya said...

These are outstanding! I know very little about embroidery, but I imagine it takes some serious skills to make such exquisite pieces...simply beautiful.

monika said...

This looks very very nice and different. said...