Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dana Carlson

Welcome to Day Two of Embroidery Week at The Lucky Stone! Today's featured artist is Dana Carlson.

Discovering Dana Carlson has completely changed the way that I look at my own needlework. Have you ever come across an artist or a designer who has done that for you? I honestly had no idea that applique, embellishment, and embroidery could be so magically ethereal... and it has got me thinking all about the risks I take (or don't take) and the choices I make within my own little hoop.

Most of the pieces featured here were created using not just embroidery but also applique, beading, and painting on satin or brocade fabric. The outcome? Wispy-sugary-bright goodness, with quite a bit of depth, and a few quirky animals thrown in for fun.

She has a refreshingly unconventional use of patterns, and despite the vast majority of textures and colors that she uses, never comes across as contrived or corny. In a very unique way, she communicates a playful elegance through what she creates.

Who puts bows around mountains? Dana does, that's who! And I LOVE it! She is a master of taking fun and silly concepts, and working them into her pieces with intention and flare.

Her use of colors is truly energizing! This woman has no fear, and I can only imagine what it would be like to learn a few tips from such a master.

Dana, thank you for impacting the world of art through your innovative use of embroidery and your bold styling... Today I'm feeling inspired and tonight, I think I'll try to test out some funky new ideas of my very own!

*Thanks to Marichelle for posting about Dana a few weeks ago... I might never have come across her otherwise!

Stay tuned for more Embroidery Week fun! Tomorrow, I'll be posting a show-and-tell of my very own vintage needlework collection! Can't wait to share!


Baking With Plath said...

Oh wow! Love love love

Polly Jones said...

These are amazing pieces! Thanks for sharing them.

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