Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Photo by ShaneMac via Flickr

Until last week, I hadn't added to the "brain candy" feature on my sidebar in FORRRREEVVVVVVEER.

It was pretty embarrassing to realize that many of my favorite blogs were not getting the appropriate mention on my little listy-list... therefore, I decided it was time for a MAJOR update. My very major apologies to those who have inspired, entertained, and encouraged me, and gone without mention for so long!

I have listed the "new" brain candy below, and would love to have you click around a bit!

WAIT! Don't go yet...

First you must PROMISE that you'll still stop by every once in a while... even if you find a bunch of new favorites, you MUST. COME. BACK!


I'll hunt you down if you don't.

Ok, here are the goodies:

1000 Words
A Beautiful Mess
A Non-Desperate Housewife
Abbey Goes Design Scouting
Adventures of an East Coast Chick Turned Midwest Mom
Armas Design
Baking With Plath
Being Red
Bleubird Vintage
Bling on my Sewing Machine
Bon Bon Atelier
Brilliant Asylum
Brown Design & Development
Buttons Magee
C Jane Enjoy It
Color Me Katie
Contented Me
Craft Yourself Rich
Daddy Likey
Daisy Chain
Design Crush
Design Dig
Economy of Style
Fashion Binge
Fashion Toast
Flight of Phancy
Go Fug Yourself
Golden Days
Heart Handmade
Humble Happenings
It's Mary Ruffle
Jackaroo Love
Judy's Blog (Atlantis Home)
K is for Katie
La Bohemme
La Dolce Vita
Laws of General Economy
Le Love
Limon Claro
Little Ant Design
M.A. Belle
Made by Michelle Brusegaard
Made by Girl
Mrs. Blandings
My Marrakesh
Nie Nie Dialogues
Oh Happy Day
Party Perfect
Periwinkle Bloom
Please Sir
Pretty Good
Red Velvet Art
Ritzy Bee Blog
Ruby Press
Sammer Time
Sea of Shoes
Simply Seleta
Suddenly I See
Sweet Jessie
Sweet Nothings
The Bedlam of Beefy
The Big Piece of Cake
The Jones Family
The Purl Bee
The World According to Jessica Claire
The Zion File
Undeclared Panache
Unruly Things
Vodka Has No Carbs
Wall Blank
The Year of Living Thriftly
Yes, Lemon Pie
Zest & Thyme

Phew! That was a lot... I'm embarrassed at how long it took me, but I feel MUCH better.

Enjoy, my lovely luckies!


Petunia Face said...

Oy, I need to do the same. Something fierce.

Jennifer said...

How do you keep up? Seriously ...

Kate Coveny Hood said...

This is kind of challenging... You lose track of where you last left off!

Jessie said...

Susannah, I know isn't it crazy how easily it gets out of hand!?

Jennifer, that's why Google Reader is my best FRIEND!