Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Fridizzle

While nuturing my creative slump, I decided to make a few simple greeting cards this week.
I'm obsessed with this pink paper. Like, would wallpaper a room in it if I had enough.
Ribbon flowers... one of my current fave things to make. SO many possibilities!

Please note the newly painted chalkboard wall in the background! EEEEE!

Photo credits go to G. Can you tell we got a cool new camera?

I am SO thankful for my current job, but I cannot TELL you how much I wish that I could just make things for people all day.

Thinking back to those few months in the fall when I was unemployed and working on the Urban Bazaar/doing yoga consistently... I realize how relaxed and content I was. The stress of not having a job during that time was somewhat present, but was far overshadowed by the joy I found in just living, creating, and taking care of our home.

Until I find a place where I feel like I can truly contribute my education and my creative energy, I will just try my best to be joyful!

On a much happier note, it's Friday, and I'm REALLLY looking forward to the weekend plans!

Friday: Chili cook-off at work, afternoon shopping with friends at Good JuJu, hitting up some First Friday galleries with our husbands, and then dinner!

Saturday: Morning flea market run with G, spending a gift card at Target (YAYAY), running with Sadie (supposed to be 65 degrees!), treating the new chalkboard wall so that it's ready to be doodled on, dying my hair (geez, it's about time), and date night!

Sunday: Relaxation central! Jacob's Well, crafting time, movies and catching up on an almost-full DVR.

HOORAY! What are your weekend plans, my lovely Luckies?!


Amanda said...

I love those cards! Those will be some lucky valentine recipients!

Have a fun filled weekend!

Michelle said...

Oh fun, sounds like it is going to be a good one!

Regardez Moi said...

Jessie those cards are A-dorable! I really love them!! It inspired me to want to make cards but ... I probably won't because I'm lazy. So I'll just come here and look at yours :)

Ashley said...

Jesse, those cards are so lovely! I adore the ribbon flowers. How did you make them?! Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...
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Robin said...

Hi! Wondering if those lovely cards will show up in your etsy shop? Me likey :)

ZDub said...

I am knee deep in VD cards right now.

23 exactly...for Zoe's class.

And she just asked me why we didn't just BUY them from Wal-Mart.