Friday, January 16, 2009

Show Yourself

To commemorate the end of De-Lurkers Week, I'd like to have a little impromptu drawing for a fabulous prize!!! Heck, I'm feelin' fun today - let's make it THREE PRIZES!

Here's the loot:

Handmade Origami Zip Pouches - Great for make-up, colored pencils, snacks... you name it!

All you need to do is leave a comment (lurker or not) with your name/alias, where you are from, and the answer to any one of the following questions:

- If you could only eat ONE thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

- If you could have named yourself at birth (knowing what you know now), what would you have picked?

- What is your most favorite present that you have EVER given someone?

- Why is it so difficult to remember to put deodorant on in the wintertime? (Ok, this last one is just a personal pondrance of mine... but feel free to share the answer with us if you have it!!!)

This is the PERFECT time to come out of the shadows and show your 'face'... I'm watching you, Wysowzski (name that movie and you get an extra hundred points)!

I'll draw a winner on Monday night... C'mon, people - FREE GOODS!!!


Kate Coveny Hood said...

I'm not a lurker - but I love prizes!

If I could pick one thing to eat for the rest of my life, it would be gnocchi. I can't imagine how fat I would get eating gnochhi three times a day - but since it's a theoretical question - I'll through in a theoretical magic wand that would keep the pasta from going straight to my ass.

Samantha D. said...

First, If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be mashed potatoes! Or maybe potatoes in general... I love them in any shape or form. Second, I gave my fiance' a puppy for Christmas last year and that has to be my favorite gift given. Who couldn't love an adorable lab puppy! And last, if it makes you feel better I have been having issues remembering the deodorant this week. It been so cold sweat doesn't seem like an option! I have been carrying it around in my purse just to be safe.

Anonymous said...

1. totally Mike Jones' chocolate chips. he is so hot, and so are his awesome cookies.
2. i got a photo of michael from his senior year in high school. geez, what a hunk.
3. michael doesn't hardly wear deodorant in the summer, much less the winter. if i want to be as cool as him, i am not wearing deodorant ever, the same goes with brushing my teeth either! (i heard he skips that every now and then, what a trendsetter...)

Lopi said...

I want to answer them all!
-Spaghetti carbonara all the way, baby. The most fattening thing on earth.
-I would have given myself the exact same name (Penelopy) but I would have banned my family calling me Penny, like they did up until I was 18.
-The presents I made for my boyfriend for his last two birthdays. Hand-crafted by me and inspired by his graffiti.
-It's difficult cause you hate having something cold in your armpit first thing in the morning. And the consequences for not putting it on in winter are less significant than in summer.

Jessie said...

Kate - Can I borrow your magic wand? You're hysterical.

Sam - Yay! Thanks for commenting! Puppies DOOO make great pressies, and I'm totally with ya on the potatoes thing! Oh, and deodorant in the purse? Perfect.

Anon - MJ DOES make amazing cookies... but definitely needs to work on brushing his teeth. You might want to drop him a hint.

Lopi - I love your name, and I think that Lopi is such a perfect way to shorten Penelopy. Too cute. Also, your graffiti gift that you posted was AMAZING! I would have picked that one, too. Oh, and no one likes something cold in their armpit, ever. Amen.

Regardez Moi said...

Hi Hi!! I'm not a lurker either. But here I am! :)

Movie: Monsters, Inc. Love that movie!!

I love these questions, they are so fun. I always think 'If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life, what would it be?' It changes on a weekly basis, and I put way too much thought into it. Like, the answer really is french fries but if I just ate french fries for the rest of my life I'd weight 800lbs and probably die of a heart attack. So then I try to go healthy... see? Way too much thought. But seriously, just one thing? Tuna fish. I eat it every day. I'm probably going to die of mercury poisoning but it's worth it.

Jennifer said...

I'll comment, but you don't have to send me a prize! HEE!

1. No contest: French fries. (And I came up with this answer before I read jozette's comment! HEE!)

2. I would probably pick my own name, or what I named my own kid, Lucy.

3. The best present I have ever given someone is hard because I think I give really good presents. I'm also very modest. But I gave the hub a fantastic Tag Heuer watch for his 30th birthday that they no longer make, and, as the kids thesedays say, it's da bomb diggity!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Hmmm, I would name myself Esmerelda. Okay, no. I would really name myself Ava. Okay. That's getting closer.

I think I would really name myself Lilly. Because I would love to be 72 one day and have that name. It would make me smile every day.

Arlynn said...

Hi Lucky Stone,

I think we do have a lot in common! You & the blog are just too cute : ) I've enjoyed getting to know you here, in blogland...

By the way, if I could eat only 1 thing for the rest of my life it would be my Twice Baked Mashed Potato Casserole (I posted the recipe) - it's to die for!!! I just asked the hubs what he would eat & his first vote was for good beer & the next was for good ol' fashioned PB&J.

Have a great Sunday,

Arlynn from Fleur De Licious

Jessie said...


Nice one, love that movie.

Also, I am intrigued that you eat tuna fish everyday. I love tuna, too, and would like to know if you have any super special recipes that you like to enjoy.

Jennifer - French Fries are WAYYY up there on my list. This is weird but I like them dipped in sweet & sour sauce... and, a Tag Heuer!! You ARE a good gift giver. What a lucky hubby.

Maryam - Thanks so much for saying hello! I just browsed your blog (and watched your 'about me' video) and you lead such a fascinating life! Glad you stopped by, and I can't wait to read more of your posts!

Arlynn - I am heading to Fleur Delicious RIGHT NOW to get that recipe! Sounds delish!

Jennifer Carlson said...

Name- Jen, from KCMO

Eat- hands down, without a doubt, PEANUT BUTTER! To be specific, Naturally More's Flaxseed Peanut Butter. Sounds nasty, but, oh, so good!

Name- Reagan. After the past president. Believe in what he stood for. If we have a girl in the future, this is what I want her name to be.

Gift- I made my friend, Emily, a memory box. We were parting ways...going to different schools, probably not going to see each other much anymore. She stills has it to this day.

Deodorant- Easy, the dry weather. You don't realize your sweating until after you worked up a sweat to take a shower, put on clothes, do your hair and makeup and fly out the door.

Mike Wysowzski! Monsters, inc. The best Pixar/Disney film ever! I got that for my birthday back in the day!

Regardez Moi said...

Well, let's see. I really love tuna steaks with sesame seeds and I have this awesome recipe I can send you! I haven't made it in ages. Mostly I just eat tuna from a can because I'm lazy and a bachelorette. I like adding capers and a little olive oil to it. Or I just dump a can on a salad... or I do the ol mayo and dijon tuna salad for sammiches. That's pretty much as creative as I get!

Sarah's Fab Day said...

If I could one thing it would have to to be chicken nachos. You know the really good ones loaded with stuff. YUM. I don't ever get sick of them, but then again I rarely eat them.

Anonymous said...

Well damn, i'm not the first person to say Monsters Inc. but i'll tell you who said it!!! Does that count?! It was Roz!!!!!

It's easier to go without deoderant in the winter because it's so cold out we don't sweat as much as during the summer. Therefore we're not as stinky...blah blah blah.

How's the hundred push ups a day going for you? :-P

Robin said...

It is late so I probably missed the contest, but I had to chime in anyhow...
I would only eat really wonderful bread and butter and wine and cheese and chocolate - oh wait, you said One thing? No, way too hard! :)
I would name myself Robin - totally boring to stay the same but I really like my name and can't imagine being known as anything else.
Best gift? Tika!!! I always say I am guaranteed a spot in heaven for bringing Brad and Tika together because they love each other so much. Although technically, she was My birthday gift ;)
Deodorant? Too cold to sweat, right? Except it has been unseasonably warm here recently so I have not forgotten!
And...Monsters Inc, the 1st movie Brad and I didn't watch together (ha, I sound like such a teenager)
Happy week

Jessie said...

Jen - You WOULD pick a healthy sounding PB as your 'life long food'. :) And, I think the name Reagan is adorbs. Miss you!

Sarah - Chicken nachos sound AWESOME! Any fave places in AZ that you like to order them? Oh, and go Cardinals? (WTH!?)

James (aka F.B.) - You get mucho extra points for knowing that it was Roz. I wish you could have heard me say it in character to G the other day... he's still shaking in his shoes! Are you going to be my date on Fri night??? I can already do 10 pushups!!!!!!! (That's an improvement from starting at FOUR!)

Robin - Glad you joined in! I haven't drawn the names yet, so you totally made the cut! I'm with ya on the food choices (maybe we could just call it a wineandcheeseplate, and pretend like it's just one thing). Precious Tika would DEF be a wonderful gift to receive... and you are took funny for "not watching" M.I. with B!!! (SAUCY!)

Thanks for playing everyone!!!

Sara B said...

the quote's from Monsters Inc!!! Yay 100 pts for me!! And I don't really know what a lurker is, but maybe I could get one for being your best friend?? hehe