Friday, January 16, 2009

Sandal in a Snowstorm

Not the most practical choice for today (8 degrees and the flakes are really comin' down!), but aDORable nonetheless!

Lacey Platform Sandal - $29.99

Why must retailers start putting out cute spring-time stuff when it is still ridiculously cold out!? It always makes me feel like warmer days are just around the corner, but I think we've got a ways to go!!!


nicole said...

i would totally wear those with super thick tights! work it girl!

Arlynn said...

I totally agree with the spring comment... after shopping this weekend, here I am ready to rock this sweet little flowered frock, and it's 12 (!) degrees out - ahh!!!

But if you have to wear sandles out right now, I mean thee would be great - with those fab heels, you could pound the frozen pavement : )

Cheers for spring,

Arlynn from Fleur De Licious

Lopi said...

I love them, but it's nerve cracking that payless - and most US sites - don't ship to Greece. Arghhhh!
Please buy them so I can lust over them through your blog!

Anonymous said...

OK, I love these. And need them!

Jessie said...

Alright... I think I just might have to! TWIST MY ARM ALREADY!!!!

Jessie said...

Nicole - where might I find a pair of tights that protects little leggies from FREEZING WING AND ICE!?

Arlynn - THANKS for stopping by... I'll be sure to let you know if the pavement gets pounded. You're too cute.

Lopi - I have an idea. I'll order two pairs of these and send you one and then you can snag me a pair of the Saigons (sz 39, I'll pay you back) and send them to me! It's fool proof.

Mary - You DO need them. Get them and we can be TWINSIES!

dee said...

As long as its above freezing, I wear open toes all the time with tights. These are adorable, Jessie;)

Anonymous said...

these are also super cute and I wish I had bought them when I was at Target the other day: (sorry for the long link). But the yellow payless ones aren't that comfy in person! the vintage wash green heels are suuuper comfy.

Jessie said...

M - You are WAY tougher than I am... cold weather makes me a big fat turtleneck-and-boot-wearing baby!

HH - I LOVE the target shoes. Very vintage looking... thanks for the heads up (and they DO look super comfy).

Sarah said...

beautiful shoes!! p.s. you totally made my day with your comment! and just an encouraging note..i don't see many seasons out here in S.Cal. and i totally wish i could. I consider you totally blessed ") Hang in there though, spring is just around the corner!